White Patch On Cichlids

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    bob350 New Member Member

    Any idea what this is? 2 days ago I lost an yellow lab and he looked like he was brutally killed. I have a 33 gallon tank with couple of yellow tail acei( largest ones), 3 yellow labs, also had couple of red zebras.

    That morning when I found out about that poor yellow lab, I noticed male red zebra who was holding almost half of the tank there was a visible tension with the rest of the fishes. So I took the red zebra off that tank. Things are looking normal now.

    From that day I see this large white patch on the yellow tail. I Did a 50%wc immediately and I noticed that he is now pooping white. Wonder if this is due to the aggression.

    He is eating well and the tank parameters are good and my tank is cycled. Please help

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    BichirKeeper84 Valued Member Member

    Does there appear to be any fuzz on the area or does it look like the scales are missing? Or are the scales there just discolored
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    bob350 New Member Member

    It looks like the scales are missing
    Edit - I fed him just now and he was not interested which was unusual as he used to be the first one to grab. I wonder if this is internal parasite.
    I had this issue few weeks back and looking back at what I did, every time I clean filter sponge or changing the position of rocks this is happening.
    Am I doing something wrong? Please help