White Patch On Barbs Head Help

  1. Miyyaro Member Member

    I have no clue whats happening. About a month ago, one of my Pearl Gouramis head a white patch on her head. I quarantined her for a few days then put her back and everything went away, nothing more amiss. I assumed she had just been beat up or hurt herself because shes totally fine now. Now one of my Odessa Barbs has a similar thing, large white patch on his head. There are no other symptoms. My Zebra Danios seem to have some faint white on them too, but they play and nip amongst themselves all the time so that may just be minor wounds? I'm not sure at all.....

    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 0 ( My tank SHOULD be cycled, it wasn't 0 a few weeks ago...)
    pH: 7.6
    High range pH: 7.4
    Temp: 78F

    No fuzziness, doesn't look like an open wound, he's not rubbing on anything.

    barb1.jpg barb 2.jpg

    Thanks :emoji_octopus:
  2. fot80 Member Member

    It has to be some type of fungal infection or bacterial. Have you added anything new in the tank? Water quality seems to be great......If you don't have invertebrates, maybe try doing some medicaiton.

  3. Miyyaro Member Member

    I added some Melafix tonight, but that may not have been the right thing? Oh goodness, still a bit of a newbie here... I have 4 Amano shrimp
  4. Miyyaro Member Member

    New symptom! He's itchy...

  5. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    I would use the medication you used on your Pearl Gourami, but for the entire tank without quarantining anybody.
  6. Miyyaro Member Member

    I actually didn't end up using any medication for the PG, I am planning on medicating the whole tank. I guess just use a fungal medication? Any recommendations?
  7. Miyyaro Member Member

    Actually I have KanaPlex powder, that seems like the right thing to use? I'm just doing some research now, I used it on something very specific last time.

  8. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    KanaPlex sounds right. This does look like a fungal disease, so I would definitely go for medications like that.
  9. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

  10. Miyyaro Member Member

    Ok, you are absolutely right, it is. So I've done a bit of Melafix on saturday. Then this morning I did the appropriate does Of KanaPlex. I have no intentions of using the Melafix again for this, but my question is this, will the Melafix be a problem?

  11. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    I would do some large water changes to get the Melafix out. I would also stop the Kanaplex until you get the nitrofurazone. The Kanaplex can only be used for 2 rounds (6 doses) before it has to be stopped (I know the bottle says 1 round but Seachem says a second can be done). Without nitrofurazone the Kanaplex doesn't work as well against columnaris. You really need it to effective as possible so it's kinda a waste to use it without nitrofurazone.
  12. Miyyaro Member Member

    Ok. thank you!
  13. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    I was going to say columnaris, but they said that the patch didn't have the texture of a film. There are also other symptoms for that like damaged fins, ulcers, discolored patches on gills, and damaged tissue. Is there any reason why these fish only have one symptom, Racing?
  14. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    The pictures are clearly columnaris. I don't see anywhere the OP said it isn't filmy, I've looked through every comment. The symptoms you're listing are when it's a very advanced case.
  15. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    My bad, I must have mixed that up with another thread. Thanks.
  16. Miyyaro Member Member

    I ended up treating with KanaPlex only, because I had already started and its working (yay!). Thanks for all your help!
  17. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    That's great! I'm glad everything has worked out.
  18. Miyyaro Member Member

    Quick question! I have finished the treatment but the original barb still has some white on his head. Should I do another round of treatments? I may go with something stronger (I would do a substantial water change before I did that)
  19. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    You can do a second round of Kanaplex, but this is why I suggested using it with nitrofurazone. They amp each other up so both are more effective.
  20. Miyyaro Member Member

    I was going to go buy nitrofurazone but my LFS was sold out and I needed to get treatment started! I'll stop in there tomorrow and so a second round :) Thank you!