White Panda Cory Nose

  1. bgclarke

    bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    I noticed that my female panda cory's entire nose recently turned White.

    Numerous times I've seen her moving quickly around the tank with the other panda cories around her; it almost looks like a ball of cories actually.

    I think she may have hit her nose and this is the result.

    She is also very aggressive when scouring the bottom for food, just sticking her face right in the pea gravel, she always has been so that's nothing new.

    It covers her entire nose, bit is NOT fuzzy.
    Her barbels are all intact and she's behaving normally.

    Just monitor it for now?

  2. K

    Keith83 Valued Member Member

    Do you have any stress guard? Seachem makes it. If it is an injury that could help secondary bacteria or fungus from attacking it. Watch for another spot developing or the nose getting worse. I had a Pearl Gourami start with just that kind of thing on his mouth and the next day a new one appeared on his head. It wound up being Columnaris. I had to treat the whole tank with kanaplex. I saved the fish but it could have gotten ugly. Keep your water pristine and find some kind of stress coat for now.
  3. OP

    bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    No, I don't have any Stress Guard, just Para and Garlic Guard.

    Do you know if Stress Guard is safe to use with fry? There's at least one baby panda in the tank.
  4. K

    Keith83 Valued Member Member

    I've used it with a platy fry and had no problems at all.