White Molly Attacking Bubble Molly

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Ezhil, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. EzhilNew MemberMember

    Hi Friends,

    Last week my white molly gave birth to 22 fry, 2 was eaten by mother, 3 was eaten by bubble molly. I separated the pregnant white molly after it gave birth to 5 fry. So I was able to save 17 fry.
    Now the problem is white molly keep on attacking both the bubble molly for four days. What I have to do to make white molly stop attacking the bubble molly?
    Please help.
  2. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    Welcome to fishlore!

    Do you know the gender of the mollies?
    The bubble/ballon molly is a deformity that squishes the body up and means they can't swim properly. Normal mollies can swim fine. This means that normal mollies are faster and can bully and stress ballon/bubble mollies.
    How big is the tank?
    What is the full stocking?
    What is the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?
    Could you post a picture of the mollies and tank?
  3. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    The animal world can be tough, and like birds do, fish will often attack a deformed or dying fellow fish. The balloon/bubbly deformity is a nasty one, selected and bred by fishfarms because aquarists who don't realize what's up think the spinal problem makes the fish cute. There is a strong possibility it is painful, and it certainly harms the fish considerably.
    When you keep a deformed fish with healthy ones, things can turn nasty really quickly.
  4. EzhilNew MemberMember

    White female molly is only attacking the bubble mollies and it is not attacking the guppies.

    Q:Do you know the gender of the ?
    A:Yes, Female white molly is attacking both the bubble molly (male and female)

    Q:How big is the tank?
    A: 50 * 30 * 25 Centimeters

    Q:What is the full stocking?
    A: one white molly female (male white molly passed away 3 days ago), two bubble molly (male & female), six medium size guppies (may be four months old).

    Q:What is the  ,   and  ?
    A: Don't have any tools to find it.

    Q:Could you post a picture of the mollies and tank?
    A: attached 116hxz4.jpg2w4k4nc.jpg
  5. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    Ok so that is roughly 10 gallons. Mollies need 29 gallons minimum and your tank is very overstocked.

    The molly is probably chasing the balloon mollies for main 3 reasons
    1. As we explained above normal mollies shouldn't be kept with deformed balloon mollies.
    2. The tank is much too small. Being cramped and stressed will increase any aggression.
    3. It doesn't look like there are many decorations or hiding places. Adding some plants and caves and things may help reduce aggression.

    To help stop the chasing I would upgrade the tank to a 30-40 gallon+ and add lots of hiding places and things to break lines of sight. Even with this though the chasing might not stop because one is a normal molly and the others are ballons.

    Also I would recommend getting a test kit. When there are problems in a tank water quality is often the cause. Without a test kit you can't know for sure.
    When one of my tanks was quite new I added too many fish at a time which caused a mini cycle. During this time one of my danios was very aggressive. Now that the water quality is good again (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20ppm nitrate) he is completely peaceful.
  6. EzhilNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the help.

    I have added some plants to my tank, and now the attack from white molly is reduced by 50%.
    She is attacking the bubble mollies mainly during feeding the fish. She is not allowing the bubble mollies to take the food.

    I had 17 while molly fry, in the last four day, three fry passed away. Only 14 left.
    What is the survival rate of the fry?
    All the fry are in separate small tank.
  7. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    Livebearer fry are pretty tough. I would say 90-95% of my livebearer make it to adults (if they are separated from their parents) though I don't keep mollies.