White gunk on my heater

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    pumpknmom Valued Member Member

    I have this white gunk on the tip of my aquarium heater. It's only on the black plastic part at the bottom, not on the glass part. The tank is definitley cycled now, so I thought it was just part of the good bacteria that's supposed to be in the tank. I saw the guppies eating it last night, and now I'm kind of worried. Is it Ok for them to eat? I've been careful not to overfeed now so there's no food in the tank leftover, but the fish always seem to be looking for food. I have two guppies and five cory catfish. Only the guppies were eating it.

  2. Llama

    Llama Well Known Member Member

    I sincerly doubt it is possible to see the bacterial colony, so its not bacteria.

    If it is algae, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Guppies (and coreys) and plant eaters, so they'll occassionaly nibble at a plant or two, or chew on some algae from time to time. Its got nothign to do with how often you feed them, maybe its a snack or something.

  3. Aquarist

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    Good morning. I agree with LLama. It sounds like algae and shouldn't be a problem to your fish. You can't see the bacteria that keeps your tank cycled. You can remove it with your hand.
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    Thanks! :)