White growth behind eye



What is the water volume of the tank? 5gallons
How long has the tank been running? 2 years
Does it have a filter? Yes
Does it have a heater? Yes
What is the water temperature?79
What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.)

How often do you change the water? 1-2 weekly
How much of the water do you change? 50%
What do you use to treat your water? Prime
Do you vacuum the substrate or just the water? Vacuum

*Parameters - Very Important
Did you cycle your tank before adding fish? Yes
What do you use to test the water? API master kit
What are your parameters? We need to know the exact numbers, not just “fine” or “safe”.

Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 5.0
pH: 7.4

How often do you feed your fish? Daily
How much do you feed your fish? A few pellets a few flakes
What brand of food do you feed your fish? Varied
Do you feed frozen or freeze-dried foods? Yes

Illness & Symptoms
How long have you had this fish? About a year
How long ago did you first notice these symptoms? About a week ago
In a few words, can you explain the symptoms? White growth around eye
Have you started any treatment for the illness? Salt
Was your fish physically ill or injured upon purchase? No
How has its behavior and appearance changed, if at all? Just white around the eye

Explain your emergency situation in detail. (Please give a clear explanation of what is going on, include details from the beginning of the illness leading up to now)



It is hard to tell what the white growth is... but bettas can develop weird genetic problems due to their small gene pool especially if you buy from a Petco or Petsmart. They use the same breeder. Is he acting normal?
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