White fluff.. babies?

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My molly is very pregnant but has recently developed a very agrresive looking white fluff around her 'privates' . Also, her scales are raised and some under her belly have come away. my dad thinks its just her getting ready to have babiess. shes been pregnant for like 4 1/2 weks now! is she exploding!? Help! ive put in medicine. levels are fine. all other fish fine and she is eating. ???
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What are your levels exactly? "Fine" doesn't say much.
What medicine did you put in?
How big is your tank, how long has it been set up, what other fish do you have?

Raised scales, fluff, and her belly falling away are not signs of labor but rather disease.
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I took the time to take a quick peek at your profile and I have came up with a few questions you will need to answer before we can help you much.
1. Is it correct that you have a 100 leter or 26 gallon tank?
2. How long have you had the tank set up? Is Feburary 2011 correct?
3. When was the last water change and how much? Did you rinse the filter media off or change it?
4. What is the temperature of the tank?
5. Do you add salt to the tank and if you do, how much?
6. What is the test results of your water? As stated by nibog “levels are fine” just don’t cut it, when requesting help you really need to give the readings because what some people say are fine are really not.
7. Are all the fish you have listed in your profile in this tank? 6 Copper Harlequins, 3 Mickey Mouse Platys, 2 Phantom Tetras, 3 Black Skirt Tetras, 2 Peppered Cories, 2 Orange Cories, 2 Guppies, 2 Bristlenose plecs and 2 Balloon Mollies.
8. Can you post a picture of her?
9. Are you sure she is pregnate and don’t have dropsey? How is she swimming?

As you can see there are quite a few answers I need to properlly help you but I can give you my best guess at this time. With out knowing any of the above answers and looking at your profile I would guess that your tank has been up and running now for around 8 to 9 months so if it has been properlly cared for it should be cycled but is a bit over stocked. This alone could be causing undo stress on all your fish which will over time weaken their system and alow them to develop desieses.

The most common white spots on fish is ich but from what you stated I would guess it is more of a bactirial or fungal infection from being harrased and nipped at by the other fish due to her being pregnate.

You stated you have started treatment with some kind of medicine so I came up with a few more questions for you.
1. What are you using?
2. Have you moved the fish to a quarintine tank?
3. Do any of the other fish seem to be infected?
4. How long has she been showing signs of this “white fluff”?

The answers to these question would help us tell you how to treat it and what with. Some things can be treated simply by moving the fish to a quarintine tank and raising the temperature a bit and others may require treatment with tetracycline, melifix or copper.
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There was nothing I could do ans she passed away... still pregnant. :'( Thanks for the help. Sorry to waste your interrogating .
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There was nothing I could do ans she passed away... still pregnant. :'( Thanks for the help. Sorry to waste your interrogating .

Not a problem - sorry to hear about your fish. Hope you really don't feel like you were getting interrogated because that was not the intention. But the more information you can pass along the easier it is for someone to help and you are the only one who can watch the fish and know what, when and where of the problem.

I saw a post once that simply said: "Sick fish - Help", that was it - wasn't much to go on.

BTW - Welcome to fishlore and I hope we can help you out the next time with a positive out come.
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I'm sorry that your fish died.

I'm pretty sure of the reason of the death of this fish - it was Dropsy. The final stage, and the incurable one, is when the scales raise.

I have a few questions though. What test kit are you using? How regularly do you do a water change? What type of filter do you have?
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MM. thx. I have the API water test kit. I do fortnightly waterchanges but if I have sick fish maybe evry 3-4 days. not sure what type of filter it is. I have the Betta lifespace with built in filter tankif that helps..sorry?

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