White Floating Poop Question

  1. Travis Bradbury Member Member

    I just seen one of my blue neon guppies poop a long white string(it was only about an inch long, sorta thick imo comparing it to pictures of actual worms). My girlfriend told me she seen the same thing yesterday or so.

    Doing some reading, it maybe worms inside him, or maybe just constipated.

    My fish are pretty active so its hard to see anything coming out his butt.
    I'd say none of them are bloated, but what is considered bloated for guppies?

    Are there anymore tells to check if there are worms?

    Bouns: How can you tell what ones female or male?

  2. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    1. It's easy to tell if a fish is bloated. They'll be much larger, have stretched scales near their stomach, and will just overall be sluggish and awkward.

    2. Waste like this can come out once in a while, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they have parasites. You can put some API General Cure in there just in case, but I doubt that it's needed. As long as some of their waste has normal coloration, I see no problem. The color may have to do with what you feed them, though.

    3. If they're active, then I highly doubt that they have any parasites. They'd show symptoms like sluggishness, flashing, scratching, redness, etc.

    4. There are certain worms that are easy to find, like hookworms, but others can be hard to spot.

    5. Female guppies have duller colors around their bodies and are slightly see-through in that area as well. Males are colorful nearly everywhere.

  3. Travis Bradbury Member Member

    Awesome.. thank you!

    Should I feed a pea or two just incase?
  4. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    That's a good idea, but go easy on the amount you give her.

  5. Travis Bradbury Member Member

    I was thinking 2 pea for all 5 of my guppies.
    .. it wouldnt hurt the other ones will it?
  6. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    Two is good. Make sure to remove the skin before anything. It won't hurt any of your fish unless you feed them too many.
  7. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    A pea is not gonna stop worms. The type of worms that make fish sick, can spread, and kill (or rather will) them all.
    You need to deworm guppies on a regular basis. Levimasole is the best medicine to use.

  8. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Any white feces is cause for concern. Water changes will not alleviate the problem.
    If they are active and eating it would be far more likely that they have tapeworm or flatworm with the symptoms indicated.
    To treat this, I would recommend feeding a medicated food with praziquantel (levimasole will not treat these worms) for flatworms/tapeworm. Or, can use Prazipro in water column as medication is readily absorbed through body/gills. Praziquantel is mild and effective.
    Observe after treatment ( a WEEK) to see if worms have been eradicated, if not, then treat with the levimasole for round worms (Capillaria/camallus worms)
  9. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    White waste is also a symptom of constipation and bloating, but you can try treating the tank with medication for parasites if you think it’s necessary.
  10. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    No, that is incorrect. Pale colored waste ( tan) can indicate constipation in fish, but not white or translucent waste. White or translucent waste clearly indicates a parasite or bacterial infection in fish.

  11. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    Have you seen a picture of what this person is describing? No? I haven't either. They said nothing about translucent waste, just white. Pale-colored waste is very similar to white-colored waste. I'm just saying that you need to look at all of the possibilities rather than jump to one extreme conclusion, like tapeworms.
  12. Travis Bradbury Member Member

    Well heres a picture one of my guppies.. I have another thread asking if this is bloated or not. This is the only guppy thats this big. What do you guys think? Is he just fat? Or something else.
  13. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Regardless, you said white waste was "nothing" to worry about. Fish would have it sometimes and would be fine. Actually, no, this is specifically untrue. White feces indicates either a parasite and or a bacterial infection- period. The OP specifically said it was "white." No assumptions on my part.. reread carefully.
    Okay, Op-- Ill leave it up to you to decide. Throw em a pea or treat him for his obvious condition.
  14. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    Looks normal to me. Has he shown any symptoms other than discolored feces?
  15. Travis Bradbury Member Member

    Well im not 100% if it came from this one. It might have been. Other than looking fat and white poo (from one of them) nothing else has happened. They still eat fine, very active, etc.

    When it comes to being bloated someone said fast them.. see if his belly gets any smaller.
  16. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    I'm just saying that it's not really "obvious" until you've seen the actual color of the feces. Anyway, bloating can cause both white feces and pale-colored feces, so what you're saying proves absolutely nothing. The only symptom is discolored feces, which can be either a lot of things or nothing.
    Feel free to quote me on where I said this is nothing to worry about, as I don't recall. I gave this person specific facts about dealing with this. If I thought they could be care-free about this, then I would not have given them any suggestions.

    If everything else is fine, then I'm sure the color of waste was just from something they ate. Honestly, his belly doesn't even seem very large. Just in case, you can try using API General Cure as well as a two-day fast. This will treat both parasites and bloating, though it doesn't seem as if your fish has either one.
  17. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Next week, after the pea and the fast, come back and we will talk. ;)
  18. Travis Bradbury Member Member

    Im taking everything into consideration, even from my other thread about being bloated.

    So if i do treat, what do you recommend to treat with? Will it hurt the fish? Mess up my cycle?
  19. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    The directions are posted above.
    Hurt the fish? No.
    Your cycle? Not in the least
  20. Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    API General Cure is good for parasites. Fasting and peas are good for bloating. You can use a mixture of both, but don't quarantine the fish.

    I don't really appreciate sarcasm. This is a forum for tranquil discussions, not immature remarks. We may disagree on what's going on with this fish, if anything, yet that gives you no right to be so rude. I'm grateful for your previous constructive criticism, but the sentence quoted above is too much.