white finned rosy tetra? or Barb?

isn't this a community fish though?I thought they would all get along so guppies are out of the question I have 5 neon tetras in there and hes always chasing them around should I separate him?
Do separate them. First of all, I believe those tetras need a school in order to not be aggressive...and if a fish can fit another in its mouth, at some point it will likely try to eat it.
The pictured fish is definitely a tetra, not a barb. Tetras need to school with their own kind or they can get nippy. I don't think that particular tetra would have eaten two guppies whole though, you should have found bodies. Is it possible they are hiding from him somewhere because he's nipping at them? Personally I would return that one and get more neons to help with the nipping problem.
If you're having trouble locating more, go to where you got the first one and ask if they can order more for you. You might have to use their latin name.
well I found some more they only had one in stock but now he just follows the other one around lol hes ignoring everybody else finally thanks everyone

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