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White Dots On Driftwood? Question

Discussion in 'Fish, Snail, Worm And Pest ID Help' started by Fizzfrog, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Fizzfrog Well Known Member Member

    I've had this wood sitting in an empty tank since early September (empty as in no living things in the tank even though it's filled with water and running a filter). It had the white filmy slimy fungus for the first month and then that died down, but I added two new ADFs to the tank on Monday with seeded media from the tank I've had for over a year (occupants: 1 guppy 1 ADF) and noticed these new white specks last night, mostly just on the darker parts of the wood. Anyone know what they could be? Parameters are 0/0/~2.5ish probs. Included the tip of my thumb for size reference lol


    Edit for clarity: the tank with the driftwood has 2 new ADFs in QT. The tank the seeded media came from has 1 ADF and 1 guppy and a bunch of plants that have been in there for months.

  2. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

  3. mattgirl Fishlore VIP Member

    That was my first thought too but the white specks don't seem to all be the same size and shape. Some appear elongated and others almost round.

    It is a very nice looking piece of driftwood though. Have you tried taking it out of the tank and cleaning whatever it is off of it?

  4. Fizzfrog Well Known Member Member

    Yes and I think they look a bit small to be nerite snail eggs? That's just going off pictures online though, I've never kept nerites. Would they suddenly show up after 3 months, since they weren't there before?

    I haven't tried cleaning it off thoroughly yet because my frogs are just settling in and I don't want to be disrupting them every few hours - by the time I noticed the specks yesterday I'd already reached in to feed them, then an hour later reached in again to suck up uneaten food, then a few hours later did a water change (I have cycled media in the filter but it's from a tank with plants and lower bioload per gallon so I just want to be extra cautious as the cycle establishes for this new tank), then adjusted the filter flow since the frogs seemed to have some issues getting up for air. The wood was originally intended for a larger tank so it's a bit clunky right now and everytime I accidentally bump it my frogs freak out a bit. I want to give them a bit more time to settle in before I pull their biggest hiding spot out from on top of them and freak them out again. I did reach in and gently brush at the topmost few specks though, they feel kind of hard but come off easily and as far as I can tell don't move around. I'm doing another small wc tomorrow after feeding and can pull it out and clean it then.

    Could it just be detritus that's collecting weirdly? I've noticed that detritus tends to collect in tiny little granules like that in the corners of my other tanks when it's been a little too long without a gravel vac. I just don't want it to be anything that could be harmful to my frogs - this is the third time I'm attempting a QT since the first two batches I got from a different source died of chytrid and I really want these two to make it.
  5. midna Well Known Member Member

    the dots don't move, do they? the copepods in my tank love my driftwood, but they aren't that big. i'd say this is just a type of fungus related to the good old driftwood snot.
  6. mattgirl Fishlore VIP Member

    If you didn't add nerites I don't think there is much chance of them just showing up. I think the only way they could is if there was a tiny baby on a plant. If you've not added plants from a tank with nerites then I suspect they are not nerite eggs.
  7. Fizzfrog Well Known Member Member

    Ok so the lights in the tank just turned on, and they definitely look like eggs of some sort. There are tiny white worm-like things that are crawling around - are driftwood mites a thing? Driftwood parasites? They look a bit like super super super tiny planaria - thinner than detritus worms and only about 0.5 to 1 mm long.

    How do you suggest I go about getting rid of them? I'm at school for another 2 weeks and without a kitchen so I won't actually be able to boil the driftwood until I get home. Do they sound harmful to my frogs? The driftwood is pretty much the only thing that gives the frogs cover right now, but if it does sound like something potentially harmful I'll definitely take it out and try and find another hide for them.
  8. mattgirl Fishlore VIP Member

    I can't say for absolutely sure that what you have is harmless to your frogs but the majority of wild life seen in our tanks are not harmful. It is amazing just how many different kinds of worms and other microscopic creatures we see. Kinda like it is in nature. :)
  9. Drav Valued Member Member

    could be baby snails or fungus, driftwood is pretty prone to to fungus, and I doubt theyre snail eggs, snail eggs are usually bunched together and in some kind of mucus sack.