White Dot On Harlequin Rasboras Mouth?

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    So I've had my Harlequins for about a week now in a 20g planted tank, and all 7 of them have a white dot on their mouth. I guess it's to late to quarantine now if it is a disease. They are healthy, swimming around and always looking for something to eat. I am treating them with Melafix incase it is a fungus of some sort. Here's a picture of one like it
    Important - White Dot On Harlequin Rasbora's Mouth?
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    I'm sorry to hear that! I do think the white dot must be some type of disease, but it's not something I have encountered. Have you tested your tank parameters? What other fish live in this tank?

    Your little guy in the pic also looks very pale and his fins appear clamped, which is often a sign of illness. I haven't heard great things about Melafix. There may be a better treatment option, but I don't want to recommend anything without being sure of the illness. Maybe @CindiL or @AllieSten could help? Here is a pic of one of my harlequins for comparison.

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    Haha, actually, that picture is not mine. I just used it since my rasboras spot looked the same. Now that I look, one Rasbora doesn't have it, but sadly I don't have a quarantine tank which is very stupid, and you Harlequin looks as healthy as mine do.