White debris floating around

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    White debris floating in tank
    Hi I have a 45 gallon tank setup for about 4-5 weeks now and recently I've noticed that I have some white debris floating at the bottom and top of my tank. I sift and vacuum the sand about every other day or as needed. And do a water change of about 20% every day. Inside my tank are:
    1 log of spider wood
    3 Amazon swords
    1 micro sword(trying to root it into my Driftwood)
    2 corys
    6neon Terra's
    6 rummynose tetras
    1 otocinclus

    Water parameters are good!
    6.8 ph
    83 degree water
    0 nitrate
    0 ammonia

    My filtration system is a aquatop cf300
    So I'm doing about 5x GPH

    I was told that I need a bigger filter is that true? Or would a circulation fan towards the bottom help?
  2. Sarah73

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    You first need a bigger group of cories and otos. Next is your tank cycled? Having 0 nitrate means your tank is likely not cycled
  3. OP

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    I and waiting on an order of a few panda corys and otos so hopefully soon :( that will help just stir up the bottom correct? And yes the tank is fully cycled so not sure
    Thanks for ur reply