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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by husky194, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. husky194Valued MemberMember


    Nearly 4 months ago I had ONE fish out of 25 that got a spot like this. A week later, it was gone. Now 4 months later I've got ONE fish that has one spot like this on his tail fin. Within a few days the spot is now nearly gone.

    I looked up the columnaris description on the site and also looked at photos. I don't believe it's that because it's just one spot and has gone away - also nearly 4 months in between it happening again.

    Any suggestions what this could be? Do I need to worry about it since it seems to go away on its own and no other fish have gotten it? I do bi-weekly water changes and all of my water readings are good with the exception of the ph raising up and down between 7 and 7.4 between water changes.

    Thanks for your help -
  2. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    i wouldnt worry about it at this point. maybe do some extra water changes tell its gone.

    how much water are you changing a week? i like to do at least one 50% water change a week.

    ph shouldnt really be a issue.
  3. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Some of my fish have had such spots on occassion. They always go away. I don't know what they are though.
  4. husky194Valued MemberMember

    Thanks for taking a look at these picture Jaysee and bankruptjojo - I feel much better that two of you aren't too concerned. I figured since it's been a random thing that doesn't appear to be spreading it's not a big deal.

    I only do a 5 - 6 gallon water change every other week. Then I add an extra gallon each week to make up for the evaporation. I have never had any issues with the water - it's aways really clear. I do get some brown algae but as long as I stay on top of removing it it's fine. May that be because the morning sun shines in toward the tank? I try to keep the blinds closed to minimize that when I am gone to work.

    Appreciate your help! :;hi2
  5. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    Is this on the 55g? I would deff up the water change amount. Just because ur water test fine dose not mean its pristine water conditions. In nature a lot of these fish get fresh water daily. I find my fish love a big water change. Also it would be hard to vac the whole bottom of the tank in only 5g. Get a aqueon or python water changer if your still using buckets it will make it very easy.
  6. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    I've not had that many on a fish before - 2 at the most. I wouldn't not be concerned, but I wouldn't be freaking out either. Just keep up with the water changes and keep an eye on it.
  7. husky194Valued MemberMember

    Yup - 55
    I've been following what my brother has done - he's had his tank for 9 years now and it's spotless. Would you suggest doubling it or more? I do still use pails... So I guess since we're on the subject - My water is very, very low ph from the tap (6.2). I will be checking it once we hit the dead of winter to see if it varies due to our weather. I'm just assuming that it will since we pull from a sand point. It's not a drilled well and our ground water level is unbelievably high here. Not sure any of that will change the ph... just thought I would test and track for the heck of it.

    With all that said - I generally end up using PH Up to raise the water I add to my tank when doing changes. I run the pails, add the PH Up and let it sit for a few hours, occasionally checking the ph. The longer it sits, the more it rises. That's why I'm nervous to just add the low ph tap water right to my tank. When I add for evaporation, I just add the straight tap since it's a small amount and my ph seems to fluctuate a bit. Am I over thinking this? I have no real plants - I may do that in the future but thought I would try to get a handle of this fish keeping thing first!

    What a joy it's brought to my evenings after work when I can just sit and watch my fish :)
    Just watched your tank video - really great to see other peoples choices.

    Well I'm off to bowling :party0049:
    Have a great night!
  8. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    So what is the pH in your tank? I would not use any chemicals for pH they usually do more harm then good. How do u measure your tap waters pH? When it first comes out of the tap it will not measure correctly. To get a true measurement you will want to fill a bucket and run a air stone in it over night then check the pH. I'm not sure why it won't measure correctly out of tap but I know it won't. Mine measures off the chart high out of tap, but if I let it sit it measures at 7.8ph.

    If u get one of the water changers it makes big water changes very easy. There only like $30 or so. U do have to have a sink somewhat close to your tank around 50 ft. Also some sinks they won't fit so double check that. But they fit most sinks in my house fine.
    Have fun bowling!

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