White Clouds are cool!


So I'm very excited (hope i'm not jinxing myself). My White Clouds are doing very well in their new 10 gallon home. And although I hate that I lost my Zebra Danios way too soon, I've found that White Clouds actually have a little personality!
When the lights come on in the morning they dart around excitedly as if knowing what's in store. When I lift the access panel in the hood they gather directly underneath and start pecking the surface. They know it's dinner time!
I find this very endearing and have made me much more attached to them. I'm still having Ammonia issues but I have been keeping up my water changes and Nitrates and Nitrites are doing well.
I'm hoping to enjoy my little WC's for a long time, and pray for less casualties than I've had in the past.


I love my WCMM too! I have 5 golden in a community tank. I lost a couple due to a bully situation which has since improved. I'm not going to up my numbers until I have more space for them. I'd love to have a large-ish school of the goldens with the red and black accents. I think it would be really pretty.

Anyway I got to watch one jump to eat an unlucky spider one morning. The spider had been hanging low already when I took the hood off. Spider continued to get just low enough and *SNAP* a little golden minnow jumped up from the water and had a nice meal.

My WCMM cycled my 20 gallon with no problems. I just kept up on pwc and testing water and all was well with them. I think it sounds like you know what to do to help them through the cycle, so hopefully all of yours come through this easily and well also.


Oh wow...that would have been awesome to see! Nom nom nom....


White clouds have a lot of personality and make for a nice little breeding project.
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