White Clouds Anyone????

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    It is quite amazing that these inexpensive fish can look like they should be feeder fish at the pet stores, but then when you bring them home and under good conditions there true colors come out. At first I bought 13 white could and stuck them in a small tank with a betta. My betta ate 6 of them and now i have moved the seven survivors to a 1 Gallon tank with some coral and plants. They are doing awsome as far as i can tell and they glow with color. The red is brighter then ever before and the males i beleive are showing off for the females. They seem to like it when i turn the filter off for a bit. then the water gets still, and they all seem to chase eachother around and almost put on a show for me. I could sit there for hours watching them (if I had time). Does any body know anything about breeding these little miracles? If so give me a shout.

    Im off to take some pictures right now actually. Ill be posting them in a few minutes. :D God i love these fish :D They are hardy and b-e-a-utiful!!! Enjoy!
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    Yes they are beautiful. I had six in an unheated tank and they spawned, now I have eight ;) their colors are brilliant. They do seem to prefer a cooler tank though as the two in my warm water tank aren't near as colorful as the ones in the unheated tank.