White cloud montain minnow pregnant?????

About a week ago I bought two wcmm and I believe one of them is pregnant. I am new to fish keeping and was not ready for fry. I took a video of the pair, could you tell me if she is pregnant and if she is what do I need to do for the fry and for the two wcmm. I believe she was pregnant when I got her. Thanks

Video is blurry because it was taken on my phone. Could not get picture because the fish would not stay still LOL!

At about 0:34 the fish becomes pretty visible.
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WCMM don't become pregnant. They are egg scatterers. She may be holding eggs but they will not be fertilized until after she lays. They are prolific breeders because they don't tend to eat their fry. If you have any other fish though, they will. End of problem.
Okay so I am guessing the other wcmm is a male because he seems to be carrying no eggs. If I move them to there own tank, would they breed. thanks

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