White cloud minnows

Bobby Callaghan

How many White cloud minnows could I have in a 7gallon? And any experience with them you could share... Thank you.


Aren't white clouds technically danios? I'd go with Harpua's advice and get a smaller, less active species like ember tetras, CPDs, or phoenix rasboras.


I had a few white clouds, and I personally did not find them to have much personality. I only had three (from my less educated days), so perhaps that had to do with it. Having said that, they were never flightly or stressed looking, spending their time together and with a trio of threadfin rainbows. Compared to my gouramis and bettas, they just don't interact much with you, the owner. However, schooling fish are of course beautiful, so don't think I am knocking them altogether. It really just depends on what you want. They are extremely hardy, so you will have them for years, even if the conditions are not optimum (as was my case). I believe nowadays there are a few different types, in terms of color and finnage. I preferred the darker, small finned ones with the classic white stripe. That is about all the experience I have to share! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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