White Cloud Minnows

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  1. Abz Court

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    I have had a cold water 10 Gallon/45 Litre fish tank for nearly a year. In it, I have two male coldwater Platys. The platys are happy, the water quality is good but I recently added only two male White Cloud Minnows that are smaller than the Platys. This makes the tank stocked with four fish in total. I also have a moss ball and plan to get more. I read that White Cloud Minnows are only happiest in groups/schools and may also be intimidated by bigger fish but the two Minnows seem to be very happy, well settled, eating all their food Etc. Also, the Platys and the Minnows are all interacting very well and there are no signs of aggression, despite them all being males. Will the circumstances in my tank become a problem resulting in me having to purchase more White Cloud Minnows to form a school or, considering how things are going, can I keep my tank stocked as it is?
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    Welcome to fishlore!
    White clouds need 20 gallons minimum and need to be kept in groups of 6+
    They get along fine with platies. I have 5 platies and 8 white clouds in my 63 gallon with no problems.
  3. OP
    Abz Court

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    If the White Clouds are happy with the Platys, would
    It be essential to buy more to form a school?
  4. Redshark1

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    If there are no problems at present I would keep it going until you can upgrade.
  5. BottomDweller

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    They get along with platies but platies cannot be a substitute for their own kind. At best they seem to ignore platies. Without a school they will be stressed and more likely to get ill. For now I would get 3-4 more WCMM then when you can upgrade your tank get a few more.
  6. Tiny_Tanganyikans

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    I would certainly get more white clouds. They're great fish anyway.

    I have a very large group of white clouds and gold white clouds and both are in with significantly larger fish and act completely normal. They display, breed, and behave accordingly.

    In a small group of just 2 they will become stressed most likely which will result in illness
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    The white clouds are great fish, and will be happiest in a group. In a pair, they will feel vulnerable and stressed, but as you add more you will see their colour brightening, and the games begin

    I have had my white clouds join larger groups of fish for safety when they don't have enough of their own kind, but nothing compares to the safety of a family school
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    Abz Court

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    When I can upgrade the tank to an appropriately sized one, what would be the minimum amount of White Cloud Minnows I should get? I think I received some bad advice from the pet shop as they said that if my tank was already stocked then two Minnows would be fine and they also said my 10 gallon tank would be okay, But I did have my doubts when I read differently online. Had no idea keeping fish would be this stressful but I don't plan on returning them, only improving their environment as I know transporting fish can cause stress and I also won't return them as I only recently found out the abuse fish go through at big pet shop companies :(
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  9. aquatickeeper

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    I would do 8 of those.
  10. Redshark1

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    I have 15 alone in a 20 gallon long. They are the gold variety and look stunning now I painted the back in black.
  11. Anders247

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    Agreed with this.