white cloud minnow turned purple...


I have a small school of wcmm and today I noticed that one of them is purple. It's my favorite color and it looks awesome but I'm scared that its a disease or something, he/she(I have no idea how to tell with these guys) is also much skinnier than the others. They all have round white bellies but this one does not. One of the other ones is starting to turn a bluish/purple in the light too. Weird! Should I be concerned? what do I do!!! Tested the water and got normal parameters- 0 ammonia 0 nitrite, nitrates are a little elevated at about 10ppml


I've never heard of that! Can you get a picture? The skinnier ones are males while the more rounded, fuller figured ones are females. Is this in daylight, LED, incandescent light?
Are they behaving abnormally? Gasping for air, swimming at an angle? Are they eating? Look closely at the skinny wcmm...how does he look physically? Is his mouth/jaw region normal?

BTW, 10ppm for nitrates is within normal limits...


Could it be a purple passion danio?



I don't think so. He was normal when I bought him about 3 or 4 months ago. Now he is purple..... I will try to take pictures in the morning. Don't want to wake anybody up...

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