white cloud minnow stocking

I have a spare rekord 70 (70 litre capacity) since upgrading to a 220 litre I would like to create a white cloud minnow tank consisting of mostly rocks with little to no plants.

I was hoping for some help making a stocking list, really I want mostly white clouds for this tank (but how many?!)
and maybe one-two bottom feeders to clear up any uneaten food I might miss, perhaps a small loach? I only really know about corydoras and I don't have the space for large numbers of them in this tank

Oh you could do white clouds on top and some kind of shrimp on the bottom.

In a 70 liter tank, I'd say you could probably do 10 or 15 white clouds with good filtration and regular water changes.
read my mind. I was just thinking shrimp for the bottom
how do shrimp compare to fish regarding stocking? i.e. are they 'messy'
I don't think they have a really heavy bioload. I've got about 30 ghost shrimp and five guppies in a 10 gallon (37 litre) tank. I've not had any problems. They are fantastic at picking up really small scraps too.

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