White cloud minnow fry dying...

Hi all, I have had a lot of WCMM fry lately, but they have also been dying after a week or so, I do isolate them in a small floating pot (same water they are born in) in the same tank as the adults, as my adults do eat the fry, as i have seen in the past.

I have had success in breeding them, as half my stock is fry i brought up. However lately I have had a lot more fry, but they are dying after a week or 2.
They eat and they get to about just under 1cm in size, but then some of them start to struggle after a week or so - for example I see some where their tails are floating before their heads, i.e. swimming more at an angle. Shortly after, I see some of them die - they have this weird white stuff coming out of their heads/mouth (can't tell as they are pretty small). I have attached one which died just now, it was swimming erratically sideways like it was about to die and then it did (sorry to be graphic I'm not sure if it's puking stuff up or if its insides are just falling out of its tiny body).

I feed them Hikari first bites, like i did with the ones in the past. Any ideas if it's some sort of virus? or is it normal some are just born weak? I have recently let out one the larger fry into the main tank which was a part of the same batch - it seems ok so far.

I tried to get a good quality photo, but little difficult as it is so small, and super macro mode only goes so far with my phone, but you can make out the stuff coming out of its body, you can see that this is at least a week or 2 weeks old. Also this little pot its in is just a dosing cap, they are not kept in here.

Wondering if anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance!
I have some WCM in my pond and I only get about 3-4 survivors out of probably 100-200 eggs every three weeks. I think you might be dealing with microscopic organisms that are killing your fry. Just a guess.

As well as you mentioned, some are just weak genetics.

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