White Cloud Minnow Fry Care

Hi community,
I need your help.
I finally have some minnow fry appearing, some are static most free are swimming.
At one point I counted more than a dozen inside.

Now I noticed the numbers dwindle over time.

HOB filtered sucked up a couple(despite sponge mounted on the intake) before I replaced it for an air pump for the time being only to have water quality decrease incredibly fast due to filter absence.
They don't seem to take powdered adult food, natural occurring algae species nor the tiniest of microworms.
I've read online that they require moving food in order to trigger feeding instinct.

I seem to be having trouble breeding infusoria as I've only been able to spot seed shrimp developing in significant quantities.

Adults don't bother the fry as they are mostly chilling in the aquaponic plant roots.

Should I move the fry to separate tank?
Is seed shrimp adequate food until they can take microworms, pellets / flakes?

Please help asap.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you for your time.
I don't have any personal experience with fry, but I've definitely done my fair share of reading. I would move them to a different tank (bare bottom with just some floating plants like java moss or something). There you can keep track of them better and there's no chance of bigger fish eating them, I imagine that as they start to swim around more, they'll become easy food for the adults. You should put a small cycled sponge filter in there, and you can put the filter back on your main tank so you don't have to worry about water quality in there and trying to raise fry at the same time.

I can't help with your food situation much, but I don't really see why seed shrimp for now would be a big problem, as long as they're eating something. However, they should probably get a "fuller" diet soon, with more vitamins and proteins and such. What kind of powdered food were you trying to feed them? How big is the tank they're in now? How many adult fish are in there and about how many fry do you have left?
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Thanks for the prompt answer.
Problem is I don't see them eating the shrimp. Powdered food is slow sinking micro pellet which adults love.
Tank is 25gal with 5 adults (2 females) They breed non stop. There is only a couple of fry left and they seem weaker than when they freshly hatched day-or two ago. As if they cant eat nothing.
Will try to suck them out with a pipette in the morning. They are so tiny.
What could I give them if seed shimp diet fails even in smaller aquarium?
Did you crush up the pellets when you tried to feed them? If not I'd crush them up as small as you can, and then put 1 or 2 pellets worth into the tank. If you have any flake food you could try that too. If they don't eat the food, make sure to scoop it out, just so you don't have it creating unnecessary ammonia in there. They shouldn't be super picky, as most fry aren't. My best guess as to why they aren't eating is that they may be hiding from the adults in the tank.

When they're into their new tank, you can do water changes with airline tubing. Take the tubing, and take a syringe, put it into the tubing, and then pull it back as far as possible, remove the syringe, and let it drain into a bucket. If you don't have a syringe, you can always go the not-so-fun route of sucking on the tubing, hoping the water doesn't get in your mouth, and trying to get it going that way. To refill, take a small cup, scoop up the water, and pour it onto your hand, a spoon, or a plate so that it doesn't disrupt the water too much.

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