White Cloud Minnow Chasing

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    Nissile Valued Member Member

    Hi, my male white cloud (definite male) chases my 3 females around the tank. He displays his fins and the females bellies seem to be round (not extremely, but enough for me to know that they're females), but the females just swim away. I have read that this is pre-spawning behaviour but nothing has happened concerning breeding or eggs or fry. Can someone please explain this behaviour and/or how to get them to breed or to make the females gravid ("pregnant") as the male is very keen but the females aren't? If nothing happens by Sunday, I might separate the male from the females. Btw, the tank is well planted, oxygenated and at 18C. Thanks :)

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  2. Crissandra331

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    Welcome to Fishlore :)

    You could try getting a larger group? Their happiest kept in groups of 6 or more. I've heard they do better in cooler water but I had 7 or so in about 78F with plants and they laid regularly, got a few survivors as well.
    I wouldn't separate them unless he was causing harm or injury to the females, which I couldn't see a single male White Clouds being capable of.

    Sounds to me like the females aren't finding the male very convincing or charming and maybe they might want more selection. Sounds like they might have set some standards and are telling him "Not if you were the last fish in the sea"

    LOL ;)
  3. OP

    Nissile Valued Member Member

    Ha, thanks :) but if he was the only male wouldn't they instinctually want to breed? He seems mature and stuff, he's displaying and chasing the females as well.

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