White Cloud Minnow Aggression?



I have 6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows alongside 8 tetras in a tank.

My White Clouds do a whole lot of chasing, each other, as well as the Neons.

Should I be worried about stressing the Neons? I see no signs of nipping anywhere but am not sure what I should do. I could remove the White Clouds, but just wanted advice.

I have had them together for about a month, and the chasing seems to occur more consistently now. Unfortunately, I pulled a big NO-NO and bought the Clouds on impulse and didnt research them first.

Anyone have any greater knowledge on these fish? Normal behavior? Playing or too aggressive?

Any advice would help!



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What size tank are they in? What is the temperature?


10 gallon, ~75 F.


They may be competing for tank space. Any chance you could get your hands on a 20g?

Do you happen to know your PH, ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates? That may offer some clues as well.


Buying another tank isn't preferable, but possible I suppose. I am unsure of my nitrates. But my pH stays about 6.8 and ammonia is less than .02 ppm.


They more then likely fighting because of the small aquarium size as bolivianbaby suggested. Tetra's and White clouds both need a 20 gallon aquarium which is probably why the ammonia is not always at 0 PPM at which it should be all the time.

Remember to cycle the aquarium if you do upgrade to a 20 gallon.


My ammonia may be a zero. I just have a reader that says it is safe because it is less than .02 ppm. It may very well be zero.


Ph is good, temp is good.

How are you getting a reading of .02ppm on your ammonia?

How long has the tank been set up, when did it complete the cycle, when did you add each species? How often and how much water do you change?


I am not getting that exact reading. I have a in-tank meter that changes color upon ammonia changes. Currently, it is the color that corresponds with "safe, <.02 ppm". It has never changed from this. Tank has been going for a couple months post cycle, neons were in the tank about 2 weeks before clouds were added about 2-3 weeks ago. I do about a 35% water change 3 times every 2 weeks.


Sounds like your nitrates should be in the safe zone.

From everything you've said, it definitely sounds like a space issue.

But don't worry---that's why we have Craigslist


Alright thanks! So if I were to keep my current tank (I will definitely look into a 20 gallon or so), what should I do about the fish?


Leave the neons in the 10 gallon and put the WCM's in the 20g. Or you can put them all into the 20g.


If I was to keep the 10g, would replacing the WC's with guppies be a good option?


With the tetras, I'd say no.

Or you could just get rid of the tetras or the white clouds and keep the other species.


Alright gotcha. Thanks for all your help!

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