White Cloud Fish Fighting or Mating?


I have 3 White cloud mountain minnow fish that I bought yesterday. I don't know much about how to tell the difference between genders so I'm not certain if I have a female or not, but "she" (or he, possibly) is less colorfull then the others and gets chased around by a particular male. Are they getting ready to have babies or are they two males fighting?

Side note: The tank is just starting out, it has plants that have been going for a while, and a piece of driftwood that has also been in there for a while. I wanted to wait to put fish in it until the plants were doing well. They seem to be fine. It is a ten gallon tank. The temp is 74-75ish, as I hear they like it a bit colder.

Second Side note: They are Golden white clouds, if that makes a difference for breeding.

Thank you for your help!


Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!


I think your main concern is number here. I don't know much about White Clouds specifically but it sounds like there's not enough of them and a pecking order has been established, with the guy at the bottom taking the brunt of the aggression. If you add 3 more it would help to spread the aggression and they'd probably be happier.

Maybe a 10G is a little small for them as they like to swim around plenty, that's what I would say if they were Danios and I think they're similar. I would wait for more responses on the suitability of the tank though.

Is this tank cycled?


No the tank is not cycled but aren't white clouds pretty hardy fish? And the other thing with the tank being too small is that if I got more white clouds they would probably be the only fish in there except for some ottos I might get for algae, but that's still a little bit more down the road.
Thank you for your help

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