White cloud capture advice

a couple of month ago a bought 5 white cloud minnows to put into a tank that had cycled and was just aging, to get it ready for shrimp. I only put them in it because I found I had mosquito lava in it. So now I have a nice looking heavily planted tank and hardscape and no clue how to get the fish out without tearing it up. If I leave them in they will likely eat most of the shrimplets, although the adults should be fine. Obviously I wasnt thinking ahead but here i am now. Any ideas on how to catch or trap them without too much damage to the setup?
Some fish are hard to net, especially in planted tanks where you can't swipe the net. My technique is to put the net in where you can, keep it still, place some food in front and swipe quickly upwards when the fish is in the right place. Be warned it does require a lot of patience.
Also sometimes I remove half the water and put it in buckets to reduce the space to swim. Then return the water afterwards.

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