White cloud afraid of light/wound

HI again, I'm afraid I have more questions

I recently moved my fish into a larger tank which has a (I think) fluorescent light. it is whatever light comes with a juwel vision 180 tank

I didn't use the light on my old tank much as it upset my loach but i'm hoping to be able to use this light as I have more room to make hiding places and dark caves for him now.
The tank is currently not furnished apart from 1 little hideyhole for the loach as i'm skint from xmas shopping lol but hoping to furnish properly in january.

I haven't been using the light much yet but when it has been on, the other fish haven't been bothered until sometime this week. Not sure exactly when as i've been away for the week.
One of my female white clouds who is full of eggs is now fleeing instantly to hide from the light the second I switch it on, which is weird as she was normal last week. Does this have something to do with the fact she has loads of eggs in her? She's never done this before and the others are behaving as usual.

She also has some form of wound on her side which is puzzling me as there is nothing she could have rubbed against with rough sides. Only thing I can think of is if she swam awkwardly against the filter intake or something but it isn't very strong.
It looks like a little tiny flap of skin hanging off her almost...
looks very minor but worried about infection.
Asked LFS for melafix and they never heard of it before.

So wondering if the 2 issues sound connected?

For the people who know I have CAE, I actually moved him temporarily back into the old tank (which is not disassembled yet coz i'm so busy) as the new tank was rapidly running out of algae so was concerned he'd run out while I was away, so I know he wasn't responsible for that.
Don't think my weather loach would have had a go at her

Any ideas? i'm getting worried about her she's acting so odd
I think you should put something in there for her to hide behind. maybe the stress of not having a hiding place is building up and finally starting to take its tole...especially since she's pregnant. I would think it would be the natural instinct of any creature with young to try to hide them. you really need something for her.

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