White Cloouds picky eaters?

I have a 30 gallon tank, 6 White Clouds, 2 Weather Loaches. My White Clouds appear to be picky eaters. I have had them for 4 days, tank is 2 weeks old. Weather loaches acquired 3 months ago. Ammonia .25, nitrite 0, nitrate 0. I have tried flakes, white clouds spit it out. Tried shrimp pellets, some ate, most spit out, or ignored. Tubiflex, some ate, some ignored. I even tried betta nuggets, ignored. Loaches are in heaven, as they get all the left overs, which is plenty more than they need. I do know the minnows like frozen (thawed) blood worms, but I like to serve that as a once weekly treat. What do I try next?
I don't believe the tank has completely cycled. I have one new filter running, and the other filter was transferred from another seasoned tank, and I have several plants in this tank, I have had no issues with ammonia spikes, knock on wood... but I don't think it is completely cycled. I think I will attempt algae wafers tommorrow, or maybe skip a day of feeding, since the loaches have engorged in food, I don't want them to be over fed.
give them a day off and then try again. Sometimes it just takes a bit for them to get hungry enough to eat it. They could also be stressed a bit if there is still some nitrite in the tank.
When I first put them in the tank, they all stayed together.. mostly as a group. Within an hour, they were playing tail tag, hanging in pairs, and the males were flagging and flashing, shaking their tails, and playing hide and go seek... I am assuming they are happy... I will fast them tomorrow, and try flakes again, see how that goes.
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Let me do my readings, and post them as we chat. When I put them in, readings were 0 on everything. Had been 0 up til yesterday, and was .25 yesterday. A partial water change will take place tonight or tomorrow.. stand by for current readings.
you won't notice a change for a bit. Your numbers looked okish, prob a good 30-50% water change today and one again tomorow. With all the uneaten food a nice surface vac is def in order but other than that I think they are probably just stressed from the move to the store and then to your place. Try just putting a couple flakes in at a time, when they show interest put a few more in. Eventually they will eat, anything will.
I did about a 25, maybe 30 percent change with light vacuum... re-arranged the decor a bit... they are huddled in a group behind a shelter.. might do another exchange without vacuum or remodel tomorrow... fast them tomorrow, and try dinner the next day.
Yeah there freaked out right now. Turn the lights off and let them relax until tomorrow. When you turn the lights on give them a few minutes to "wake up" and then try to give them a little food when you have 2-3 minutes to watch them and see how they react. Some fish are picky eaters but usually even they can be trained to put up with certain foods.
If you haven't fed them today then I would try a couple flakes, literally, in the morning at the "regular" time. White clouds usually aren't tempermental about when they eat durring the day, well actually most fish are not overly picky, as long as they get fed. I feed mine once a day and its their problem to eat when they are fed, if not, well they go hungry until tomorrow.
I am on vacation this week, so they get fed as soon as I peel myself outta bed.. normally I work grave yard shift, and I get home at 7AM, and I turn on the light, dinner is an hour later.
Gosh.. according to the calculator at the bottom of the page, I have a 40 gallon fish tank... I got it free from a friend, who didn't know its capacity, so we guessed it was a 30 gallon..

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