White circle on Platy fish

There is a white circle on the side of platy fish. I have moved it in a separate glass jar within the main tank, to maintain the temp of water.
10 gallon tank, 6 fish --2 platy, 4 mollies.
Please help, I'm new at this.
Hi Nefishowner2203 welcome to fishlore.
You provide states you are still learning of the nitrogen cycle?

If you did not add an ammonia source to your tank for 8 weeks before you put the fish in the tank then the tank is not cycled.
Do an emergency 40% temperature matched conditioned water change before reading anything highlighted in green.
Feel free to ask any questions.
Hi NewFishOwner it’s nice to meet you!
What a beautiful Mickey Mouse platy!
From what you’ve said I can’t see this being caused by the tankmates so I’d check to see if maybe there’s somewhere around the filter that could’ve caused it,or the environment such as ornaments etc,and feel the bottom end of your heater to see if maybe it’s a heater burn (if that’s the case you’ll need to get a heater guard),I’d pop platy back into the tank as that jar will just be stressing the little guy out,I’d advise treating the tank with stress coat to promote faster healing and keep a vigilant eye on platy as you’ll want to make sure that wound doesn’t start becoming infected or fungus (it’s hard to see from the photos so keep an eye out for cottony like growths etc) so as a precaution I’d get some Esha 2000 as that’s a combined antibacterial and antifungal,but please try to find where platy got that wound.
Do you test your water? If so what are your parameters at? I ask because you’re going to need to keep up with the normal weekly 25% water change/tank clean with heated and treated water (I only use seachem prime to treat my water,I have a huge storage box that I measure out 100litres and treat it and pop a heater in and leave overnight so it’s ready to go straight into my tanks the next day,but I have like 5tanks running lol),clean tank water is even more imperative when you have an injured fish.
I hope I’ve helped to ease your mind a bit,I know how upsetting things like this can be,if I can ever help with anything please don’t hesitate to ask,there’s so many great experienced fish keepers on here who are amazing!
The fact that you care enough to come here for help says a lot!
Please keep us updated
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Thank you so much for your reply, while googling white spot on my Palty I got results of ich, but it did not look like what my fish has.
Your answer was a sigh of relief .
For the past 3 weeks ( thats how new this tank is) we get the water tested at petsmart and get a new pair of fishes.
The platy's were the 1st pair.
I have seachem prime and have used it when I did a partial water change.
I will buy the other things suggested by you, to protect the fish.
Thank you so much for your response.
A 3 week old tank is not a safe place for fish. Regardless of what your Petsmart is telling you. You should ask for the actual numbers of the water test.
Only the numbers will tell you when you can move to weekly water changes.

Yes the spot you see is moss t likely just a little damage from a net . This now has a secondary infection associated with being the first fish in a tank probably containing some toxic ammonia ?

Stress coat is no replacement for fresh water. The tank does not have a full working nitrogen cycle. The water will quickly become polluted.The fish are in a tank that is so new that was not cycled with an ammonia source before the fish were put in?

Perhaps the shop sold you a bottom bacteria? And told you this is all you need?
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Oh my
I got the tank on March 12th and started the filter since then I added prime to it.
1st pair of Platy were introduced on March 26th, after 2 weeks of filter running and water testing.
Sorry but Prime is a de chlorinator that removes chlorine from water. Prime is not a food source for bacteria. Running a tank for two weeks or longer will not feed any wild bacteria into the millions needed to consume the daily poop load ( bio load/ ammonia ) from any fish.
Having two fish producing ammonia since the 26 of March is certainly a help . However only a water test with the numbers will tell you for sure if you have any bacteria or how many you have .

A liquid test kit of your own will help you understand the situation. Paper tests do not have an ammonia test. You could buy the liquid ammonia test separately along with the paper test but that works out a lot more expensive in the long run. I believe the paper test can be just as accurate if stored in a dry place?
Shops test for free but they are not giving you the important information. They are misleading you . I know this because they sold you fish when your tank was 2 weeks old. It’s possible the shop assistant does not know or want to know of the nitrogen cycle. It has only been understood for 35 years and some people just refuse to consider anything new? Seriously there are people in America who do not believe or understand the nitrogen cycle. Some have been keeping fish for 60 years. There are also poorly trained shop staff.

There are two ways to build a cycle/ build the colonies of bacteria.
With fish in the tank and without fish.
It would seem the shop is not giving you any information? Not even the old out of date practice of using fish to build a cycle. Fish in cycling is ether an old school practice or a mistake from someone who did not have all the information needed .

You write of testing water.
Do you know any of the numbers? The parts per million/ ppm?
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Thank you for your input...more like scolding :)
I am new to this , was trying find an answer to my little fish problem.
I am not aware of what petshops know on home aquarium and what is their training.
Thanks for your suggestions.
Well I am sorry if it comes across as scolding. I am not aware that you know how backward some of the aquarium hobby people can be ? Not just in North America but in my country as well. In Australia we also have people that will not acknowledge that bacteria do not live in water. They still talk of “ good water “as was understood 40 years ago. For all I know your local shop may be owned by one of these old timers?
It is not my intention to scold anyone. As long as you realise the seriousness of the situation? As long as you realise ( in my opinion) your fish is damaged on the outside is from normal netting and handling complicated by the toxic ammonia that was in the water not long ago and may still be in the water.

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