White bubble like things

  1. AlexA Member Member

    I wasnt really sure where to put this but as its in my betta tank....
    Just recently (last 2months) on the top of the water on my betta tank there has been almost a film of white dots. Its not thick or anything they just float on the top and almost look like bubbles, when i do a water change they either stay on the water or stay on the glass and then float when ive replenished the water.. Any ideas on what they are or if they are harmful? Cheers:;banaman
  2. Aquatic_Aston Initiate Member

    I think I had the same thing is your new? Has it cycled yet as I think it is a bacteria bloom , it should go away if you dont do a water change for a week. You are over cleaning the tank thats why it is having bacteria blooms. :)
  3. AlexA Member Member

    Ive had it over a year and do a water change either once a week or once every two weeks maximum
  4. STLBluesFan Member Member

    im not entirely sure what it could be, a picture could help. however if it is like any other film on top of the water the usual suspect is too little water movement. what kind of filter do you have? if your feeding flake food that also could attribute to it. and if you have a good filter, then they may be exactly what they look like. just bubbles, do you notice more of them after a water change?
  5. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    It sounds like your betta is building a bubble nest :) Pictures would definitely help though.

    If you are cleaning once a week, it is definitely not too much! Also, what size tank is it? If it's on the smaller side, then you should clean more often anyway. If you can get a test kit (the liquid kind, not the strips, as those are inaccurate) it will help you determine if you are changing the water often enough. If the tank is cycled, then ammonia and nitrites should be zero, and nitrates below 40. If it is not cycled, then you could get a dechlorinator like Prime or Amquel+, as those detoxify ammonia and nitrates as well, which are very harmful to your fish.
  6. Fall River Member Member

    I agree that it's most likely a bubble nest. Not a bacteria bloom. It's a sign your betta is feeling good and happy.
  7. toosie Well Known Member Member

    Good info kinezumi89!
  8. AlexA Member Member

    Its not a bubble nest he has built one before....unfortuntely they are too small to be noticed on a picture taken by any of the cameras i own :(
    Its not a film as such its like a layer not continous though
    Sorry im being a bit vague i cant really think of any other way to describe it
  9. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Does it look oily?
  10. AlexA Member Member

  11. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Like mold? Fuzzy white mold?
  12. AlexA Member Member

    Nope just white dots on the water :/