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I hope I've put this thread in the right place.

I was just checking on my tank this morning and I noticed there are a bunch of little white balls stuck in the needles of my hornwort plants. The plants have been in the tank about 2 weeks now. I rinsed and trimmed them before adding them to the tank, but I didn't quarantine them because I read that's not very necessary for plants. I did examine them for hitchhikers, and I know for sure these balls weren't there from the get go.

They're very small. If you've ever seen a sewing pin with a round head, the largest one's just a little smaller than that. They also appear to be fuzzy, like they have little white hairs growing uniformly outward.

The only occupants in the tank are my two goldfish, a ranchu and a pearlscale. I've only had them for about two months, and they're only about 3-4" long, but the ranchu is able to spawn already because I did see her lay eggs once. I'm fairly certain the pearlscale is a male. I thought maybe the white balls were goldfish eggs, but they're up stuck in the plants instead of on the bottom where she left hers last time I saw her spawn. The fuzz is what makes me wonder if they're eggs at all, or if they're eggs that are starting to mold.

I guess they could be snail eggs, but I haven't seen a single snail at any point in this tank that might have laid them.

I don't think the balls were there yesterday. They definitely weren't there the day before.


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They look like eggs and the fuz tells you they are no good
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No good means they were not fertilized by the male.
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No good means they were not fertilized by the male.
Just as well, I don't really want babies. Do you know how they got up in the plants? Did they just fall in there when they were laid, or will the goldfish actually pick them up and put them in suitable spots?
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