whisper filter Question

  1. g

    guppy man Valued Member Member

    Is it okay to keep guppy fry with a whisper filter and what happens when they do get sucked up.
  2. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    I guess if take precautions. Like put the whisper on low or have a sponge over the suction part of the filter.

    if they end up getting sucked up they will die unforcunetly
  3. Toddnbecka

    Toddnbecka Valued Member Member

    I use a whisper on my endler's tank. As far as I can see the fry don't get sucked in.
  4. OP

    guppy man Valued Member Member

    I'm talking about the tetra whisper 3i in tank filter, it says that its good for breeding tank. What does that mean ''its good for breeding tanks''.
  5. M

    Martha New Member Member

    The suction tube that goes down into the tank has a series of thin rectangular holes in it all the way around the tube....the guppy or endler fry are so small that they can be sucked into the holes if they just go by one of them...so I took quilt batting that you buy to make quilts and cut some of it into small rectangles ...folded it over and sewed across the bottom and up the folded side ...turn it right side out....to make a "Bootie" to fit over the end of the tube. You need to use only enough thickness to keep the bootie stable ....then just slip the bootie up over the end and above the joining and fasten with a common rubber band.....babies cannot slip through and the dirt from the tank can....keep a watch on the bootie and when it looks dirty, just take it out and wash it out or make a new one and put it on the end.....you can make several up at a time to keep some ready on hand....very cheap way to not lose any babies.....good luck!
  6. OP

    guppy man Valued Member Member

    Is it okay if I just lower the sucking power of the filter. There is no impeller in the filter ,there's just the carbon.