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Upgrading my 20high to a 55gallon, meaning im going to need to buy alot more substrate for the tank. i plan on moving all of the substrate from the 20 into the 55, but clearly it wont be enough to cover, especially not when i have live plants in the tank.

in the 20 gallon i have a mix of Imagitarium Black Aquarium Sand & Carib Sea Eco Complete Planted Black Aquarium Substrate. I'd been doing a bottom layer of the carib and then a top layer of sand bit it basically all mixed together thanks to the cory catfish and moving homes and planting stuff.

So basically my question here is

do i:
  1. buy more of the Imagitarium sand and stick with that (mixed with my existing substrate)?
  2. buy more of the carib sea eco and just use that (mixed with my existing substrate)?
  3. OR buy something different entirely and use that (mixed with my existing substrate)?
I use Seachems Flourite Black substrate for a 10gal tank im going to house a pea puffer in, but otherwise i'm not familiar with substrates and what works best.

i have 2 snails and 6 cory cats so i want something that will be healthy for them as well as my plants. i'm finding the Imag. sand a bit harder to clean, though it is easier than the super fine sand i have in my betta tank lol.


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Seachem glorious works really well but is a major pain, tonssssss of dust. I am having good success in two aquariums with the eco complete and will be using it on my next one.
I just used eco complete in spots I wanted plants and then filled the rest with white pool filter sand, got it for $5-6 at Lowe’s
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