Which Skimmer is best?

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    PringlesLFE New Member Member

    I'm slowly deciding on what equipment to purchase for my 20G Long Nano Reef.

    I'm still on the fence on whether to get the JBJ 28G Nano Cube or if it would be cheaper to just piece together my own 20G Long and not deal with the small drawbacks of the cube.

    Which skimmer is better? Noticed the prices are very similar.

    --aquac remora protein skimmer


    --Tunze Nano Protein

    Thanks for the help!
  2. m

    miner_skyline New Member Member

    I use the aqua c remora, pricy but well wort it! I have had mine for about 3 years now. the only thing i had to replace was the powerhead.
  3. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Pringles and Welcome to Fish Lore. There is a section called "Reviews" that you may find helpful as well. Click on Fish Forum Home in the top left hand corner of this screen in the blue bar, then scroll down. You may find helpful information there as well.
    I hope you can share some photos with us along the way.