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I have a 29 gallon tank with some plants. My plan is to add 4 Red Cobra Guppies, 8 Sterbai Cories, 1 Dwarf Gourami, one or a few Malaysian Trumpet snails, and around 12 Tetras. My question is what are some Tetras that you think would make a nice addition to this tank? I thought about Lemon or Black Phantom but I'm so undecided! I want something that is shaped more like those two. I'm open to other schooling fish as well, not just Tetras. My tank is going to be around 78-80 degrees.


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your temp is a bit high, so it does limit your options. lemon tetra max out at 79* and it's recommended to keep them at least 1* below their max and min. Black phantom max out at 80*. Serpae tetra could be an option, but again their max according to several websites is 79*F. Black widow tetra also max out at 79*

If you're going to keep the tank above 78*F, have you considered rummy nose tetra? their max is 81*F, which gives you the 1*F buffer for your planned temperature. also, cardinal tetra (look like neons, much hardier and tolerate higher temps) max is 82*

EDIT: some websites offer significantly different info on temperatures, so i took the max temps if i found at least 3 that were the same from different sources.

EDIT again: i see you have another thread on this where TexasDomer has replied. follow her advice over mine every single time. she's suggested lower temps than i found online and i trust her.
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