Which pump and overflow setup to use?


Have a75 gal with a 30 sump. What set up to use. MY choices are a 800 gph over flow box with a single tube and a 700 gph pump. Or a 1000 gph overflow box with duel tubes and a 950 gph pump. Over all the price difference is about $30. Which way should I go?


the more water flow the better. Btw, make sure the pump you are getting pumps that much gph at the high of your tank. The gph listed on the box are simply the max gph which is rated at 0 ft.


I have a 950gph pump and an 800gph overflow. The head height of the tank provides enough loss so the box doesn't overflow. I also have a 75 gallon display and a 20 gallon sump. I think it's a great setup.

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