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I'm in the process of setting up 30gal community tank. I used to have multiple tanks with my dad when I was younger so I decided to do it again. I'd like to get a pair of plecos that aren't too big I guess up to 4" or 5". I know some of them aren't good algae eaters so I want to make sure that whatever I get keep the tank clean from algae. Good temper and not too pricey. I would like to keep live plants in there so I don't want my plecos to eat those neither.I was looking at zebra plecos (L-46) because they look great but they go for around $150 a piece which is crazy. Besides they aren't good algae eaters anyway from what I've read. Then I was looking at Queen Arabesque (L-260) because they look great too but I still haven't decided. I know bristlenose ones are very popular but I'm looking for something with more unique look like Starlight Bristlenose (L-183). I'm trying to do my homework and make sure I pick something that will work with my tank and look good too. I'm having **** of a time picking though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Queen Arabesque (L260) is a beautiful fish but not great algae eaters.
Bristlenose on the other hand are very unique looking, good tempered and good algae eaters. This species would be perfect for your tank.
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Does anyone know if Starlight Bristlenose (L-183) would be a good choice? At the same time I wonder what's available locally at my lfs but If I don't find anything there I guess I'll be looking online. I'm planning to do some driving around this weekend to see what they have. I don't want to have the same thing that everyone has and I'm always one to go for the different look I just want to make sure that whatever I pick doesn't destroy my tank.

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