Which loaches..?

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  1. Fishyboy05 Valued Member Member

    So I recently decided with loaches over Cory catfish. I eas wondering what I should do/ add?

    1 apistogramma
    1 German blue ram or keyhole(which one would be best?)
    1 swordtail
    6 cherry barbs
    3-4 loaches( what number, and dwarf chain or yoyo? )
    2 bumblebee gobys

    I was hoping to add either 1 or a combo of the following
    Addition 1-) 3 guppys
    Addition 2-) 1 pictus or rapheal catfish
    Addition 3-) clown or bn pleco
    Addition 4-) beefing up schools of barbs and loaches to 8 and 4
    Addition 5-) school of phantom tetras or harqulin rasboras
    Addition 6-) adding 2 female swordtails
    Addition 7-) adding 1 female betta or honey gourami
    I currently will have 3 medium sized caves, 2 minnature ones for the gobys, 10ish fake plants and 1 large driftwood with around 5 niches and nooks for cover. What do you think? And I am thinking with going for yoyos. What size? I've heard anywhere from 2.5-7!

  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    If I recall correctly this is for a 29? IMO too small for the botia loaches.

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    +1 luke

  5. FoulFishes Valued Member Member

    If you did get any type of Botia Loaches they would need to be kept in schools of 5 or more anyway, Loaches are very active and social, and the more you have the better. But if this is a 29 like they said above, then you might be alot better off with a school of Corydoras Catfish as they stay under 3 inches, YOYOs can grown to atleast 6 inches. Kuhli Loaches are a good choice too, I own many and they are one of my favorites!

    Also, Bumblebee Gobis are brackish fish and will need marine salt in there water. The way I understand it is, that they will slowly die if kept in freshwater. I'm sure someone has tried before and maybe a more Goby experienced member can verify that for you.

  6. Fishyboy05 Valued Member Member

    Yes 29 gallon. And I was lookin into kuhli loaches, but I've heard they burrow under the gravel and you don't see them that much? I also really like yoyo loaches. Could I do 4 of them? And also, any suggustions on my additions?
  7. FoulFishes Valued Member Member

    I think 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 would all be decent choices, personally. I'm pretty positive Pictus Cats are schooling fish, so you would need to get quite a few. I really dig the Pictus cats as well, but alas we must make sacrifices. I don't have room for an entire school of them. As for YOYOs i'll let someone else take that one. They are schooling fish and need lots of swimming space, but I don't actually have YOYOs either, I just really like them too (I am a Loach fanatic). But if you were going to keep a Botia Loach species no matter what, then i'd urge you to go with the Dwarf Chain Loaches instead, as they only reach about 3 inches, but you must keep a school of Dwarf Chains or they will feel too insecure.

    And I can assure you that you will see your Kuhli Loaches once they get used to their tank. They will hide in caves, and they will burrow, but mine only burrow for a short amount of time, and they usually leave their heads sticking out of my gravel. They will pile up on each other and swim through the tank spastically one on its own or all together. If you have comfortble Kuhlis they can be quite a spectacle! Also, in my experience the solid black Kuhlis seem to be more active than striped Kuhlis, if thats what your wanting.
  8. Fishyboy05 Valued Member Member

    Well I might go with 4 kuhli loachs! But I would rather have yoyo or dearf chain, wouldvthose work? If I can find the dwarf. Well anyways, I think I'll add a school of tetras, or 3 guppies and dwarf gourami, what do you think I should do? And if neither of those, I'll add 2 cherry barbs
  9. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    My LFS sells dwarf chain loaches for 17 each.

    I would go with a bunch of kuhlis - like 10.
  10. Fishyboy05 Valued Member Member

    Well I still really like the yoyo loaches! I would prefer those to kuhli, but I'd be ok with kuhli. Mabye 5 and then adding to the final stocking, so it'd be
    5 kuhli
    8 cherry barbs
    1 apisto
    1 gbr
    3 swordtails
    2 bumblebee gobys
    Am I stocked? And could I do yoyos?
  11. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    IMHO, that would be severely overstocked for a 29gal.

    There isn't enough space in a 30" tank for a ram and an apisto to not fight over territory. I don't care if they're more docile cichlids, they're still cichlids and are territorial.

    Swordtails are big waste producers, so unless you plan on WAY overfiltering this tank, they're going to be a strain on your biolad. Not to mention the fact that some varieties can reach 4-5", much too big for a 29gal tank.

    Then there's the gobies. As mentioned before, they are brackish fish requiring a semi-saltwater environment...something that would kill the other fish in the tank. If kept in freshwater, the gobies won't last ling and will die a painful death.

    As for yoyo poached, I would put them in anything smaller than a 4-foot tank. Not necessarily because of their size (3.5-4"), but because of their activity level.

    If you really want loaches, stick with with the kuhlis or dwarf chains. NOT both.
  12. Fishyboy05 Valued Member Member

    Ll I guess I'll go for kuhli, but as for stocking, idk what to do.
  13. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd drop either the ram or the apisto, then go for a pair of whichever you decide to keep. I'd drop the swords and the gobies, as well. Add another group of small schooling fish and *maybe* a dwarf or honey gourami, and call it good.

    Something like this:
    2 rams OR apistos
    8 cherry barbs
    8 neons (or other small schoolers, like von Rio tetras)
    1 dwarf or honey gourami
    5-6 kuhli loaches
  14. Fishyboy05 Valued Member Member

    Well I thought I'd be overstocked with another big school! But I'd prefer phantom tetras. So could Ido 5 of em? And I'd rather have 3 swords than andther scho
  15. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Notice that the schooling fish I suggested are small and hence have a lower bioload. If you took out the gourami, you could do six phantom tetras (I say six because I prefer even numbers in schools so there isn't the odd fish out) OR a trio of swords.
  16. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Id drop the gourami too. Singular honeys don't do as well as honeys in groups and DG like to rule over the tank, which dwarf cichlids aren't huge fans of. Yoyo and DC are too much for a 29, yoyo can get much bigger then 4", i have seen them at 5-5.5" and not as an occasion, I helped stock a 75gal with 3 5" yoyos. Kuhlis are a good choice, get at least 6 of them. They have a very small bioload.
  17. Fishyboy05 Valued Member Member

    Well I'll not do a second school, and I don't want 2 of 1 cichlid because I don't want babies and other issues. Also, I'd rather do 3 swords then another school. As for honeys, how many is a good number, 2? If so then I'd like to add those
    And also, I recent ally visited a petstore(today) and saw black kuhli and they are not my favorite... And then I saw Julii cats and I liked them more. Would 6 of the kuhli and 6 Julii have the same bioload?
    So I would do something like...
    3 swordtails
    8 cherry barbs
    1 apisto
    1 gbr
    2 or 3 honey gourami
    6 kuhli or Julii
    2 bumblebee gobys
    Sorry, but I have seen many tanks with apisto and ram, even a 20 gallon!
    And not even a lot of aggression. But as for the bb gobys, if I provided each with a small cave, could it work? And also, could I do 1 sword and 3 guppys?
  18. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    If you don't want to heed the advice of a bunch of experienced keepers then don't, it is your tank. Just remember that we have ALL been there and we only want to insure the health of the fish and the quality of your experience with them. 1gbr 1ram and a trio of honeys will not work in a 29. The dwarf cichlids do better in pairs then alone. Its for the fishes sake, not yours. Babies are not a problem with them, most of the fish you have listed will solve the problem and eggs are easy to get rid of. Swordtails and guppys will give you a lot more problems with babies. Kuhli and Julii are interchangeable. The julii probably have more waste production but not by much. Bumblebees do better in species only tanks, i would be concerned about them getting food and they also tend to be rather aggressive.

    Swords and Guppys are mixable i believe. I know Swords can be a little pushy, particularly males. I also know that guppys and swords shouldn't be able to breed so you could get a male sword and some male gups or a female sword and some male/female gups. just not sure if they will cohabit a 29gal. 29gals is not as big as people think they are, i have mine stocked with 2 swords(one gravid) 5 gold barbs and a clown pleco. I could fit maybe 5 cory in there and thats it.
  19. Fishyboy05 Valued Member Member

    Sorry I am not trying to discard your advice, I was just staring what I've heard but you would know better. So as for the dwarf cichlids , if I did a pair, wouldn't they be aggressive over their eggs? And if I did that could I add 3 honeys? And as for bottom, I may get Cory's, so all I know for positive is
    4 or 6 Julii Cory's
    8 cherry barbs
    1 swordtail
    I hope to add either a pair of apisto and a trio of honey gourami, and what else. And even if I get cichlid stones and plant the tank, could I not do 2 different dwarf cichlids? I have been suggested by ithet members that it works.
  20. luke355027355027 Well Known Member Member

    just a question what kind of filtration will you be running on this tank and what kind of substrate will you be using

    Secondly a base stock in my oponion is. There are a type of swordtail that stays pretty small but i couldnt name them for my life. There orange and they stay pretty small. I would just get a male and a female.
    5 cories.
    8 barbs.
    And depending on your filtration maybe 2 honeys gouramis.

    Now if you have a large canister and do large water changes you could add a little bit more but GPH and filter type play a key role