Which is the best RO/DI system?? Question

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    Hey guys I am sure this has been asked in the past and I did breeze through to see if I could find the topic but I figure I will ask myself so I can get very updated information. I purchased 2 bio cube systems yesterday with the stands. I got myself one and my daughter one. They are 28 gallon systems with LED lighting and the whole nine yards with the cubes. I have been out of saltwater for about 10 years now when I took down my 125. I had issues with algae and my corals just wasnt performing and I couldnt grasp why. I did not have a RO/DI and thought at the time it would be a lot of money and a lot of added work so I just didnt even consider it. Well, that was a bad decision. I really did not know that the tap water was more than likely my problem. Long story short I am getting a RO/DI this round for the 28's. My plan is to use my utility sink in my garage with the RO/DI hooked in. I am going to purchase a trash can - 45 gallon or something like that. Premix the salt and keep the water heated at all times. This will be my surplus for water changes. Sound good? Okay to the question! What is the best RO/DI currently on the market that not only is easy to use, keeps the level at 0 and one that the replacement cartridges do not eat you alive. I plan to order it today and I have looked at the coralife one and aquafx and a couple of others but your input would be great so I can get this thing ordered! Thanks.
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    I have no experience with this, but I do know where to buy a RO/DI filter for cheap and good quality:  . I plan to do what your are doing way off in the future when I get a little more experience under my belt. I plan on getting Discus one day, and I will need to buy a RO/DI filter.
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    The RO system itself is not the driving factor. The system (or process) is pretty much the same for all units.

    Depending on your source water, and the TDS of the source would determine the setup. You can get 2, 3, 4 and 6 stage RO/DI units. The most common is probably 3 stage, for really high TDS a 4 or 6 stage would be recommended. Note: I think 2 stage is typically RO only, no DI.

    Then it comes down to the filters and membrane. The general consensus I read is to use American made filters and membranes. Look for a unit that uses a Filmtec TFC membrane for best results. A food grade 1 micron sediment filter, and a good quality carbon filter. The unit I have also has dual TDS meters so I can always see what's going in and what's coming out.

    You then need to consider the output rate of the membrane as this will determine how long it takes you to make your water. My filter can do approx 150 gallons per day (12.5 gallon per hour) at 100psi pressure, with ambient temperatures around 68F. The cooler the ambient temperature, the slower the production.

    Here's a good guide to how RO works

    And here's the filter I use:

    Your plan sounds pretty good, though I probably wouldn't make 45G at a time, personal preference I only make as much as I need.