Which Is Better, Filter Media Questions?

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Anna94, Apr 3, 2019.

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    I use Purigen and Filter Floss in my canisters it keeps the water looking crystal clear!

  4. JenCWell Known MemberMember

    I think it depends on why you want to use them because they can serve different functions.

  5. imbaWell Known MemberMember

    I used purigen before and switched to filter floss now. I dont see any noticeable difference
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    Purigen did work for me. When back to the old standby, Chemi Pure. Works better.
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    Do I have to rinse new Purigen before putting it in my filter or can I just plop it in?
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    I have always rinsed it just to be safe.
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    The directions on the bag say to rinse it first.
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    How often do Pinky Filters have to be replaced?
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    When they get dirty and you can't clean them.
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    Which is better: poly-fil or pinky filters?
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    they have the uses.

    poly fill when the application is just grab a handful and fill in. and it tends to be puffy, and needs other media to squish it down to keep it in place.

    pinky for when you need to place the sheets flat (vertically or horizontally)
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    Both will do the job but my preference is Pinky. I switched out my 4 HOBs and canister filter. I find it easier to cut to shape to fit the filter basket. It keeps its shape so its easier to rinse out and reuse.
    Pinky’s is made by small family owned business in my hometown so I feel better about supporting them than buying Poly-fil at Walmart.
  15. IslandvicWell Known MemberMember

    Polyfil is available in loose fluff and in batting.

    I started using Polyfil and used the loose fluff.

    My new bag I got the batting and like it better.

    It is not as rigid as something as Pink Filter.

    Both are fine mechanical filtration, but different.

    If you have room to put down a couple of layers, I think the Polyfil batting is better.

    If you only have room for one layer, then the Pinky Filter is probably better.

    I not used the Pinky, but have used these from Amazon......

    Aqua-Flo 12"x 120" filter pad $14. This is advertised as 1" thick, but more like 1/2" thick. I have tried re-using it by thoroughly rinsing it out and even doing a mild bleach soak and then soaked in de-chlorinator. It shrinks down to 1/4" thick and while it works, it is not fluffed up any more.

    Aquatic Experts 12" x 72" filter pad $17. They have a ton of good reviews with pics on Amazon. This one costs more per foot than the Aqua-Flo, but it is thicker, and it feels more dense when you rub it between your fingers. Also, it seems to be re-usable at least once if not more without shrinking down to 1/4" thick like the Aqua-Flo. I think the Aquatic Experts brand is a more quality pad than the Aqua-Flo, but you pay more.

    In my 1 canister and my Aquaclear's, I actually put down layers of Polyfil and top it off with a pad I cut from one of the rolls I mentioned above.

    Cut a pad from the roll of Aqua-Flo and used as a substitute for a cartridge....

    In the Top Fin filter example, I actually stuff a bit of loose Polyfil in the top void space, so it uses both the bulk roll pad and Polyfil.

    Since Polyfil is so cheap, you should try both that and the Pinky Filter and use them together.
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