Which invert/s and why?

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  1. theGrynch

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    Well, lately I've noticed some unsightly algae/fuzzy growth on the driftwood and plants in my tank, and I'm in the market for a bit of a cleaning crew. I've got two farlowellas in the tank, and if it's algae then there's just too much for them to handle. I was hoping to get something that could act as a bit of a detritivore, as well. I've been leaning towards a few Amano or Ghost shrimp, leaning closer to Amanos. I also was curious about people's experience with freshwater clams, as well as snails, because I've read that snails are good for cleaning up the waste that can settle on the substrate. So, yeah, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to which, of any, that they prefer and why. Thanks, guys!
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    Well, I promise you that pond snails and Ramshorn snails will work miracles....but they could over run your tank, I have heard. As of today I don't know how I got along without them. Shrimps are cool to but the snails get what the shrimp miss... It seems to be like balancing the cleaner critters too.
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    Oh, wow. I was considering a couple snails and maybe some freshwater clams at first, but I'm really leaning towards Amanos now. I've just recently gotten some plants that I've heard snails love to nibble on, and I certainly don't wanna wake up some time and see half of my plant gone, lol. I appreciate the input, though.

    Anyone else care to chime in? I'd love to hear some more opinions.
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    SAE are very effective in algae eaters but need a large tank

    Shrip wise i would say Amino shrimp or a RCS as they eat algae and are very colourul.