Which filter media? Question

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    ferreter New Member Member

    Hi, does anyone sell decent filter sponges in big blocks rather than cut to fit a specific filter?
    My internal filter kicks out 800lph (think its pretty accurate too) but the media inside the two seperate blocks inside looks to be on its way out and I'm not too keen on it either (not sure its the best stuff for the job). The filter is Chinese junk but I cant fault it other than the plasticy media and the HUGE power output that sent the fish in circles till I fitted a 2' spray bar.
    I'm thinking of using a couple of different media's & maybe some zeolite or silver ion in there too.
    Does anyone have any experience of silver ion?

    Cheers all, Leigh
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    lew2000 Valued Member Member

    I know that trace amounts of silver ion(s) are used to keep algae/bacteria in check in ponds. But i have never heard of any use in aquariums - the silver ion(s) would not distinguish between unwanted bacteria (algaes) and the bacteria involved in the nitratrification process. Secondarily, there was discussion sometime back in regard to silver ions and the negative effect on certain cells in the immune system.

    i am curious if others have actually used this?
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    ferreter New Member Member

    Hmmm, makes absolute sense, I never considered that when I've been spending extra on elastoplast's...
    I suppose thats the sort of thing people could've done with in a kids goldfish bowl a few years back.