Which Filter Is Best For A 30g Hex Tank?

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Holmyjj42, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Holmyjj42

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    So I acquired a 30 gallon hex tank a couple months ago and have had it setup and running with 2 angels, 5 tetra, 4 guppies and 1 pleco. I’ve always used hob filters due to the simplicity of the them, the tank came with a topfin hob filter which I wasn’t a fan of so I recently upgraded to the marine land penguin 200. I feel like the penguin puts out too much water return because it is somewhat noisy and there’s no way around that. I don’t mind it, but would prefer other options to do away with the noise. My 20 gallon has a penguin filter but doesn’t make noise at all. What’s the best recommendations for filters everyone else uses? I’m open to everything not just hob’s.
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    Ok honestly I use a HOB and a Sponge-filter. I got Corydoras and at the time I had a HOB it was like a sand storm... So I went into the LFS and got a Sponge filter which cleared everything up so I suggest a Sponge filter make sure it’s rated higher than your gallons.
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    So attach the sponge filter to the end of my hob filter am I understanding this correctly? How’s the maintenance for the sponge filter? Just rinsing it out when I water change in the used tank water? What hob do you use?
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    Ok so you need a air pump and air lining and all that stuff, there should be a place where you put the tubing into the pump and the sponge filter.
    Maintenance you could clean it out but really all you need to do is squeeze it.
    I use a Aqueon Quiet Flow 20. (Not the best but it’s something)
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  6. OP

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    ive been looking at the aqua clear 50. How do you run it? Just right out of the box? Nothing added into it?
  7. Smalltownfishfriend

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    I don't use the carbon, I usually add another pack of ceremic media, but you would not have to!
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    I might suggest a for just some of the following advantages: Self priming w/submerged pump so it’s quiet and will always start after a power failure or maintenance, media basket that locks in place and won’t push up flooding your floor, variable flow control in 10% increments, built in skimmer, self cleaning impeller and comes with Seachem Matrix for nitrate reduction.
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    HOB Aqua Clear and I use a pre filter sponge on the intake stem, then in the filter I use their sponge, then a bag of Matrix, then a bag of Purigen. The flow is adjustable and each tank has a Betta who doesn't love flow. They are very very quiet. I'm pretty picky about noise and would prefer an external canister but it's not for me right now.

    Which I stopped using because I live on the 2nd floor and always concerned about a flood if something siphons out.

    Mine are a Zoo Med Nano 10 and 30 and it's another filter brand re-named but I forget the other brand.

    I also LOVE a simple sponge filter attached to an air pump. IF I can't hear the pump. Also the bubbler "box" filter with 3-4 media I have right now in a 7.7 gal.

    Here's a good video on the optimizing subject by Aquarium Co-Op (he trash talks Marineland LOL):

    He has MANY videos on filter opinions and demos, just click on his youtube name and click videos.
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    After watching multiple of his videos I already ordered a intake sponge and am currently trying to decide which size sponge I’m gonna order to replace the thin penguin cartridges to maximize space inside the penguin 200. Idk why it’s taken me this long to stumble upon this information!!!! And I feel like it will also help with the return flow so it should quiet my filter a little hopefully! He mentioned the aqua clear 70 foam for the penguin hob he reviewed that you mentioned!!! Hahaha so I’ll give that a try and probably gonna do the same thing with my other filter on my 20L tank.
  11. CindyVBPets

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    Great. His videos are awesome and he's a nice guy. LOL I only found him because of youTube.

    Yeah just hack yours. Here's the Fluval intake sponge for the tube I like the best because it's small - but anything that'll fit on there without falling off is fine. My Bettas love swimming around it.

    Mine don't collect a bunch of **** even though I have planted tanks, so all you have to do is carefully (over a dish or bucket or something)....unplug and remove your HOB with the intake sponge attached, then take your sponges and SLIGHTLY RINSE IN AQUARIUM WATER. Do NOT be anywhere near the sink so you don't mess up and use chlorinated water. LOL

    You have biological material in there you don't want to kill.

    If you can't get the right size filter online just take your basket to a pet store and find one that fits! Or you can get a thick pad of foam and cut it yourself. Here's the course, the first one the water should pass though. Then you put a finer one or ceramic. But I use Seachem Matrix in a bag.


    Is the noise from the impeller or the trickling water? If it's the water, you can make a "baffle" to divert it and it may get more quiet. (google betta baffle)

    Then I saw someone use a deep soap dish type of thing filled with moss to divert water.


    Have fun hacking! Oh sorry, I forgot Cory talks about cutting your own haha.