Which do i get? 29 Gallon Tank

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    i have just been to pets at home for the second time and they say they cannot sell me fish until my water is good. Hopefully on Saterday i can go and get some fish. I can introduce 5 at a time. Shall i get Zebra Danios, Neon Tetras, Cherry Barbs or Dwarf Gourami. Can you please tell me which i should get first and why. Thanks :;dk
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    WOW! I love your fish store already! It is very rare that one finds a fish store that won't sell you fish for an uncycled tank. If I were you I would make that fish store my exclusive place to shop. Better to give business to a store that cares more about the fish than the money. Most fish stores will sell you anything including fish that have no chance of working in your tank size or together!

    I see in your aquarium info that you do not know about the nitrogen cycle. Before you think about which fish to keep, reading up on the nitrogen cycle would be a better place to start. The words should be underlined in blue so just click on them and that will take you to the article which explains it. In short, when fish poo they release ammonia into the tank, ammonia is very toxic to fish but bacteria will grow that will eat the ammonia and convert it into nitrite. Nitrite is also very toxic to fish, but another bacteria will grow which will eat the nitrite and convert it into nitrate. Nitrate is not toxic to fish as long as the levels are kept low with regular water changes. When you have grown enough bacteria to eat all the ammonia and nitrite at the same pace as the fish produce it then your tank is cycled. Growing a sufficient amount of bacteria can take a month or more. All you need to get the cycle started is an ammonia source. Fish will provide an ammonia source, but during the time the tank is cycling they are exposed to the toxic ammonia and nitrite which can make them very ill or even kill them so it is best to find an alternative ammonia source and cycle your tank before getting fish. Here is some information on how to cycle without fish. Four Methods Of Fishless Cycling you will need a good quality liquid test kit of your own to keep track of your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels so you will know when your tank is cycled and safe for fish. API makes an excellent master test kit which will test for all of those as well as pH. Once your levels read ammonia 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate 5-20 then your tank is cycled.

    Now to answer your question:
    Once you're ready for fish I would add the Neon Tetras first, then I would add some bottom feeders like a school of corydoras (they will bring the bottom of your tank lots of life), then the Dwarf Gourami last since the gourami will be the most territorial and aggressive.
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    I know its a good store and i know about the cycle. :;hi1
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    I don't particularly care for them but I think danios are the easiest starter fish... tetra can be a bit delicate. I also find mollies to be great starters. Also, if you've never seen them check out cardinal tetras.... very pretty fish. You can even mix neons, cardinal, glow light...ect tetra and they will school together. Good luck! Ask any other questions, I still have not come across a negative/rude member on fishlore.... don't hesitate to ask, even if you think its a dumb question.
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    I'm not sure how big exactly your tank is, I don't know how to convert liters to gallons haha and to think I'm the one working at a fish store. Ugh well lets just say I'm not the math wiz. But I would reccomend against adding the neon tetras first because they are a delicate fish and do not seem to make it through the fish cycle of your tank. Out of the few you listed the barbs or the danios would be good starter fish and then wait for a few weeks until your tanks levels seem to be a bit more secure. Then go to adding the neons and the gourami.

    EDIT (sorry it posted before I was done)

    But other good starter fish that you could consider are mollys, swordtails, platy, barbs, danios (including glofish) and the larger tetras (basically any but the neons, glolight, and the white clouds).

    Oh and to the person who said they wish more pet stores would not sell fish with bad water. My store that I work at we can't turn down a sale BUT all we can do is sell the fish with no guarentee.
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    E watson09; why can't you turn down a sale? Every company I know of has the right to refuse service in the states... granted it's not due to race, religion, sex, ect.
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    I've just always been told we can't whenever I do water tests and they don't turn out well I strongly advise against getting fish but I don't think I can just tell them no.
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    I've got ya, store policy. I'm sure you do all you can.