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Which Canister Filter(s)?

  1. Onewolf

    Onewolf New Member Member

    Planning to get two canister filters for the 90 gallon FW tank we are setting up.

    Given these relative priorities:
    1. Reliability/Durability (not leak prone assuming no user error)
    2. Effectiveness (biological/mechanical filtration)
    3. Quietness
    4. Ease of service
    5. Available parts/filter media
    6. Cost
    I've been researching canister filters for the last month and my head is spinning. Every time I think I've made a decision I read something and change my mind. Argh. :banghead:


    Some of the filters I have considered (and reconsidered):

    Fluval 406
    EHeim 2275
    Penn Plax Cascade 1200
    SunSun 304/404B
    Hydor 350
  2. James17

    James17 Well Known Member Member

    I've had the same Marineland for over four years and never had a problem with it.