Which Bulbs? 6700K, 10K?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by K3NN3TH, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. K3NN3THNew MemberMember

    I'm looking at getting a Biocube in the future, and it comes with a 10k CFL and a Actinic CFL. For a planted tank I don't think that a very good setup.

    Fortunately (for oceanic too, more $$$) Coralife makes CFL bulbs that fit the Biocubes in the 6700K range and the 10K range. What would be the best combo for a freshwater, densely planted tank? I was thinking I would just replace the Actinic, and run dual 10K and 6700K bulbs. But I have also heard it may be better to just run two 6700K bulbs.

    While I'm at it, if I decided to turn it into a reef tank, would dual Actinic and 10K bulbs be best, or dual Actinic and 50/50 (10K/Actinic), or dual 50/50 and 10K be best?
  2. mathasWell Known MemberMember

    Since the choice won't have a noticeable impact on plant growth, I would use one 6700K and one 10000K for purely aesthetic reasons.

    6700K bulbs (particularly those by Coralife) look kind of yellow to me, and 10000K can tend to look very sterile and harsh white... but the blend of both is quite nice in my opinion. It comes down to pure aesthetics, though, which means there isn't a right or wrong answer.
  3. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    I'm with Mathas on this one. It won't make any noticable difference to your plants wether you choose 2 x 6,700k, 2 x 10,000k or one of each & I think the combination of the two would look best to the eye as well. Like Mathas said, there's no right or wrong answer really.

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