which angel

  1. PugsAndKitties Member Member

    I ve been considering what the main display of my tank will be when i convert to sw. Should I get a flame or coral beuaty anglefish? I cant decide.
  2. na/mustang1 Initiate Member

    i dont know anything about sw but i do love angels and i think you cant go wrong with any of them they are all beutiful(in my own opinion of course)
  3. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    What size tank will the angel be going in?
  4. galvatron3000 Member Member

    tank size is of the most importance when deciding on what stock you will be acquiring.
    you should research the fish, their eating habits, waste production, size they attain in the wild and other fish you may desire in the future to determine if you should place the angel last or not (overall stocking order).
    make sure u have a QT (quarantine tank as well, I suggest a 30 to 40 gal but if you purchase a juvenile then a 10 gal is suffient)
    check out the demeanor of the fish to check for combatibility issues
  5. PugsAndKitties Member Member

    Sorry for the late responce. I have a 38 gallon tank, and I will be placing the angel last. The tank mates will hopefully include a pair of clownfish, a sixlined wrasse, a longnose hawkfish, a Randalls goby, and a orchid dottyback. I have a protien skimmer and will have live rock. The plan is a reef set-up. I have researched on every website I can find, they're both hardy, overall reef safe, colorful, compatible with all the other fish, and fit in my tank. If you need to know anything else, let me know.
  6. nemo addict Well Known Member Member

    with the above list adding a angel would be well over stocked and as coral beauty is prone to ick this could cause problems ..which clowns are you looking at i take it you are wanting percs ,,
  7. WETTRIGGER Initiate Member

    I would go with the Flame Angel
    I have had both through the years and the Flame always faired the best.
    And it is one of the most beautiful dwarfs there are.
  8. PugsAndKitties Member Member

    I like the percs, but i also like the teardrop. I guess thats just a variant though...