Where To Spot Florida Applesnail In Nature?

  1. BillynJennifer

    BillynJennifer Member Member

    I will be in Sanibel/Ft. Myers FL next week and would love to see the Florida Applesnail in nature. Anyone have tips on where I could go to see them in the area?
  2. Dch48

    Dch48 Well Known Member Member

    I saw them all the time in the freshwater canals in Northern Cape Coral. They look exactly the same as black Mystery snails. There are also Oscars in those canals that I guess were released there. I lived in Cape Coral for 35 years.

    You may also see a gator or an otter.
  3. OP

    BillynJennifer Member Member

    That's three animals on my small bucket list that I would like to see while I'm there. Thanks for that tip.