where to get Kuhli Loaches?

Discussion in 'Kuhli Loach' started by ErnieB, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. E

    ErnieB New Member Member

    In a couple of months i want to get some kuhli loaches ( the regular striped ones ). Does anyone know of good online places to get them? I want to get like 12-16 of them at once. I have 3 stores near me but didnt see any. I asked the one fish store and he stated he doesnt get them anymore cause out of the 2 dozen he would get only like 3-4 would survive. I have also read an old post online when researching on google that mentioned something of the same.

    So do people still carry them? Are they more hardy now? Where can i get some? :D
  2. MaddieLynn

    MaddieLynn Well Known Member Member

    My Wal-Mart carries black ones... they really aren't any different than the striped ones except for the way they look. Some people also say that the black ones are more hardy.
  3. Shaina

    Shaina Well Known Member Member

    Not online, but I ended up getting mine from a local fish auction...might be worth seeing what clubs and such in your area have.

  4. Amanda

    Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    My local Petsmart has the black ones.
  5. Gouramiguy17

    Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    I have only seen the striped ones once, and it was at a lfs. Every where I go I see black ones. You might want to try aquabid, they sometimes have large numbers of them
  6. DRock914

    DRock914 Valued Member Member

    I don't know where you live but most LFS around NYC have them, I've never had trouble finding any here. Only store that doesn't have them regularly is Petsmart but they have the black ones.
  7. OP

    ErnieB New Member Member

    I live in northeast ohio and within an hr of cleveland or pittsburgh. Locally i have a "pet supplies plus", a "petsmart" and a "tw pet center". The tw petcenter is the one who told me they dont carry them anymore. I really want the striped pangio kuhli and not the black ones. I will have to take a better look at petsmart and check out walmart i suppose.
  8. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to Fishlore, ErnieB! Liveaquaria.com sells fish online. I'm not sure if they carry the specific species of loach you're looking for or not. You could also do a google search for breeders. Most breeders will ship.
  9. k

    kacie Valued Member Member

    I have experience of the mass die off of kuhli loaches. My LCD got some striped ones and I got a few. They died right away. I went back for more and they had all died at the store. A month later I was at the store and they had found two hidden all that time. Those are the two I have in my tank. I have seen them on aquabid and on a stock list of an importer in OH. When I get a chance I'll try to find the name of the importer for you.
  10. k

    kacie Valued Member Member

    Tropical Fish Distributors but on todays stocklist they only have black ones. They do have dwarf loaches ( very cute and stays less than 2 1/2 inches).
  11. g

    gunner13 Well Known Member Member

    I know i'm in England but any good LFS should be able to order them in for you from the wholesaler they use. Might be worth asking.

    Good luck

  12. JBird86

    JBird86 New Member Member

    Aquabid.com might be your best bet, its an online fish auction that usually has whatever your looking for, you can come across some pretty rare stuff on there too; liveaquaria.com only has the black ones. I havent seen any chain stores around here (Nor. VA) like Petsmart, PetCo, Wal Mart that carry them, the only time Ive seen them is a LFS by me had some a while ago but havent seen them there lately

    same here, I bought 3 and put them in a well established community tank, 2 died within a week but the 3rd one somehow managed to survive an ammonia spike that wiped out most of the tank
  13. OP

    ErnieB New Member Member

    Thanks for all the responses. I wonder why the mass die offs? I REALLY like these little guys and want a good school of them.
  14. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I think most petsmarts have the black ones.

    You need a good school of them in order to really enjoy them.
  15. K

    Kitsune Valued Member Member

    I bought 3 at Big Al's in August/Sept and I still have all three of mine. They said they've never had that problem with the loaches.
  16. r

    reallycoolsuperdude New Member Member

    Would these fish survive in a brackish tank? I was thinking about getting some but can't find any info
  17. Tana

    Tana Valued Member Member

    ErnieB - Have you tried RMS Aquaculture in Middleburg Hts to see if they stock or can get them for you?
  18. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    No they will not survive in a brachish tank. They come from freshwater streams.
  19. Elodea

    Elodea Well Known Member Member

    Check this out:  

    Like Butterfly said, they won't last long in brackish water.

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