Where to buy huge fish tanks

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I have looked on craigslist an eBay and can't find a huge fish tank I want a tank that is over 100 gallons my local pet stores only sell 75 gallon tanks anyone no an online website or something to find used 100 pluse gallon tanks?
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Try monsterfishkeepers online site, maybe they have a local place to recommend. They may even have a buy/sell/trade link.
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Have you asked your LFS if they can order you a bigger tank? Mine will order anything you ask for just about.
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I don't know how far you want to travel but on craigs list around here have 125's quite often and my lfs around here has used ones a 125 ,150 gallon and they sell new.Pm me
if you are interested and I will tell you where.
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There's a place here in Merriville IN that sell's them. Up to 200 plus gallons. Their called The Ark

Their phone number is (219)769-0661.
They have excellent fish as well.
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Good morning,

The privately owned fish store that I go to is an hour away. They actually have very few tanks for sale within in the store but they will also order any size that I want. This is how I got my (new) 265g tank.

Too, by having them to order the tank for me, I didn't have to pay extra shipping which I know would be an outrageous price. (although I probably paid for shipping in the long run) A friend and neighbor had a trailer that we used to haul the tank home. It took 8 of us to carry it.

I think you would have better luck with a privately owned fish store compared to a chain store especially if you are looking for a new large tank. You never know though so I would try both.

My 265g is a Perfecto. Loving it!

Best of luck shopping. Be patient and shop wisely. I'm sure you'll have a beautiful large tank before long

fish hunter
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come to india and you can even buy 1500 gallons and above just like my 2000 gallon tank.
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I think you ought to hold out and wait for one to become available on craigslist. If you buy new you are going to spend well over 1000.
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I have looked on craigslist an eBay and can't find a huge fish tank I want a tank that is over 100 gallons my local pet stores only sell 75 gallon tanks anyone no an online website or something to find used 100 pluse gallon tanks?

What kind of shape are you looking for? and how much over 100? like, 125, 265 (yikes, Ken, just yikes), or even bigger? Is this for your home or a business or something like that? Are you looking for something that's more of a traditional tank, glass on all sides, or something that could be wood or another material on several sides with a large glass front? This latter would probably cost less to ship, although depending on how far you're going and how much of your time you have to spare, renting a Uhaul van can sometimes actually be less expensive than the shipping.
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the bigger you go, the more you have to pay attention to who makes the tank etc. my lfs, aquarium adventure, was telling me that a lot of bigger tanks (over 100g) made by marineland, have gotten leaks....and well, that is just a nightmare. so just a little food for thought. not that they *all* have problems....but I hear it's a common one.
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I am not sure if you have big als in the usa, but that is where I got my 125 Gallon and I got it new for $150.00 Cdn.
fresh water
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Yes Big Als has the best deals on tanks in Ontario, But even Pets Smart brings in 120 gallon to 150 gallon for a fair price might have to ask them to order it in, not all of them keep the big tanks in stock
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but like I said....a good price doesn't=good quality
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This is for my basement I have plenty of room and I need to find a tank that's what I want for Christmas I want any size that is bigger than 100 gallons.do u think petsmart would order a bigger tank bc that the only store I have or petsupllies plus and in the stores they only have 75 gallons

And jaysee 2000 gallon lol I minus well just make my hole basement in to a pond lol jk
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My petsmart sells 125 gallon tank and stand for $700, and you still have to get the rest of the components.

I would LOOOOOOOVE a basement.............
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Yeah mine on has 75 gallons so I might just have to get for now


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I would go ask them I bet they can order it in, not all of them carry them in stock just because its not something that generally sells. At the LFS I work at we can order anything up to like 300 gallons or something crazy and we can order them in virtually any color and shape (standard rectangles, bow fronts, hex tanks, column tanks, wave tanks, etc) I would ask them.

Personally I also would be careful buying a large tank of craigslist, any tank for that matter but with large tanks they are the biggest pain to move and it would be terrible if you got it home and found out it leaked. Most craigslist people won't give your money back. What happens if is leaks when you're gone and kills all your fish? They won't be replaced. I know most new tanks come with a gaurentee and you can actually get them to pay for your fish if deaths are involved.
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Thanks Watson
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I know that you can custom make most big tanks or get a Local Fish Store to order you a custom made one (Like Kens did).

Or there is craigslist. Just type up "fish tank" or "aquarium" in the search box and there you go. I have found quite a few tanks that were huge and for a cheap price because they were to used (Found a 1000 gallon for $700). To what ewatson said on her last paragraph: Since most of these bigger tanks (Really most items that are selling in general) are pick-up only, when you come to pick it up from there can you inspect it. Whenever I went to get a 10 gallon from someone, I asked for them to fill it up first before I even paid them a dime.

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